KNX Partners

KNX Association offers companies who have specialized in the KNX technology the possibility to become a KNX Partner. This can be attained by taking a basic course (and passing the final exam) at a KNX Certified Training Centre.

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KNX Partners
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Company City Qualification (total)
BACS s.r.o. Prague
Ing. Josef Kunc Brno
YATUN,s.r.o. Praha
Schneider Electric CZ, s.r.o. Praha
LANGARD s.r.o. Praha 9 - Horní Počernice
Slavomir Posvic Usti Nad Labem
Siemens s.r.o. Prague
No Dot No Way s.r.o. Prague
Ing. Hana Křemenová Osek
Somfy, spol. s r.o. Praha 5
Vojtech Lesner Praha
Pivonka Cesky Brod
VOŠ, SPŠ a JŠ Kutná Hora Kutná Hora
Pavel Braun Praha 8
Ioannis Argyropopoulos Prague
3Esystem s.r.o. Brno
Lukas Dolak Praha
LANGARD s.r.o. Praha
HDL Automation s.r.o. Praha 2
Ing. Daniel Noska Praha 10