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KNX Association eNews - January 2017

2017 started with a firework of activities, news and special actions. The upcoming highlight we are all looking forward to is without a doubt the upcoming ISE2017 fair in Amsterdam, at which KNX will of course be the centre of attention. Putting the spotlight on solution by KNX Members and Professionals, the major highlight of the upcoming ISE2017 will be the sneak preview on the ETS Inside, which will officially be launched on the 15th of February and reinvent the work with KNX. A new user interface and the simplicity of ETS Inside make the work with KNX accessible for beginners and end-users, opening the doors for a new KNX community. So stay tuned on social media and upcoming eNews for more upcoming news about special actions, benefits and events, which will make 2017 unforgettable thanks to smart KNX automation with the revolutionary ETS Inside.

Besides the major highlights of 2017, KNX invites you to benefit from more special activities and actions: Do not miss out on the KNX HVAC solutions at ISH2017 in Frankfurt, the events with presence of KNX all over the world, the higher accessibility to KNX training via webinars and new training videos to Start@KNX , which are only the beginning of a wild start in the New Year 2017.

We hope you enjoy the KNX newsletter, which you can find here:

We welcome all companies recently joining the KNX Community

New KNX Members


View the full list of all 405 KNX Members

New Certified KNX Training Centres


View the full list of all 393 KNX Certified Training Centres

New KNX Scientific Partners


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New KNX Userclub


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KNX Invites You to ISE 2017 for FREE!!

ISE free admission invitationzoom

With more than 200m² the KNX booth will be again the highlight of ISE 2017 from 7th to 10th February. The KNX booth will highlight its leading market position with IoT solutions, as well as the presentation of the new tool “ETS Inside”. Consider the following when planning your visit:

  • Free Admission to ISE for the KNX community
    KNX Association is happy to invite you to visit ISE for free. The official invitation code can be found here.
  • Visit the KNX Booth to learn about KNX IoT, discover the new ETS Inside and meet the KNX members with their own solutions (Hall 9, F170)
    15 KNX manufacturers
    will be present at the KNX booth, presenting the latest innovations with KNX. Further than that, almost 50 KNX member companies will be present with own booths at ISE. In addition, The KNX booth will highlight its leading market position with IoT solutions by KNX Association, as well as the presentation of its new tool “ETS Inside”, which allows users to make their home not just smart, but smart with 30 years of KNX experience.
  • KNX solutions explained by experts at the “Smart Building Solutions Theatre”  Experts from the KNX industry have gathered to give the audience a deeper insight in the world of Smart Building Solutions. Come and visit this theatre, located directly next to the KNX booth at ISE2017 (H9F170) and enjoy a broad variety. You can find the schedule here.
  • Smart Building Conference 2017 is the perfect place to visit, when you cannot wait for ISE to start
    One day prior to the big opening of ISE2017, you can visit the SBC (Smart Building Conference). KNX Association is present as main supporter of the conference, allowing you to join the conference for a discounted rate. For getting your discounted ticket to the Smart Building Conference, please visit the dedicated website for KNX at ISE.  

To learn more about the upcoming show and the many benefits for the KNX Community visit http://KNXatISE.knx.org


ETS Inside – Official Launch on February 15th!

ETS Inside

The new tool by KNX Association allows to put a KNX installation in action, even by beginners as well as end-users, and will reinvent the usage of the KNX technology!

The last preparings are running on high-speed for this ground breaking tool will be released on February 15th. The ETS Inside allows the whole KNX community to experience one of the biggest KNX events in years. So stay tuned for more information, such as events close to you, special actions, and further surprises.

Can’t wait till the next eNews? Then have a look at the already available dedicated ETS Inside website : http://ETSInside.knx.org


Newest KNX HVAC solutions to be presented by KNX Members and KNX Professionals at ISH2017


The importance of KNX HVAC solutions is growing. This can be witnessed at the biggest fair for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in Europe, the ISH fair. From 14th till 18th of March KNX will be present with bigger booth space compared to the previous editions. Needless to say that booth’s focus is on the KNX IoT, KNX HVAC products and solutions, supported by 12 KNX Members and 5 KNX Professionals with KNX IoT solutions. Visit us at the booth 10.3 / A49 in Frankfurt, Germany.

For more information see here


No excuse for not having heard about KNX IoT – Dedicated KNX IoT Website online

KNX National Journal Spain

With the world premiere of the KNX Web services, KNX again underlines its prominent role and opens up new ways to operate and visualize KNX Systems through internet. Now all information be easily been found on the new KNX IoT website, which provides you with any kind of information you are looking for. With webinar recordings, video's, flyers, etc. you will be up-to-speed in no time about KNX and IoT. 

Visit the microsite here and read the KNX IoT Press Release here


Largest increase in certified KNX installers since the start of KNX

Press Releases

KNX Association has revealed in 2016 an unprecedented 30% increase in certified KNX installers in 160 countries worldwide. Driving this impressive success is the KNX Association's significant investment in education which today sees 388 KNX training centres in 63 countries, delivering more KNX education supported by extra online training and the introductory eCampus online platform for those new in KNX.

KNX Association shared its successful year with a 1 € donation per every KNX Partner that joined the community in 2016 to the Plant-for-the-Planet initiative.

You can download all Press Releases here: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/press-room/index.php


KNX - The chosen TECHNOLOGY for EuroSkills 2016


With a challenging practical task for all ‘power workers' and a theoretical test of one hour, all candidates did their utmost to get the installation powered first and then started programming with KNX and ETS. Yvan Fässler, Switzerland (Gold), Matthias Moser, Austria (Silver) and Werner Sillanpää, Finland (Bronze) are the proud winners of the Skill Electrical Installation at EuroSkills2016. During the 3 days of competition in Gothenburg, Sweden, all three showed outstanding performances. KNX Association sincerely congratulates all the winners of the competition. 

For more info, check the  Press Release or visit http://euroskills.knx.org


KNX goes digital – KNX books exclusively available electronically

KNX Webinar

For contributing to the world’s sustainability, KNX Association offers its bestselling books exclusively as ebooks. Not only is KNX Association showing the way of learning in the current world of home and building control, but also by saving tons of paper, contributing to its lasting mission to make the planet greener.

All KNX eBooks can be found here


Easy entry in the world of KNX explained in two minutes

Informing people about KNX has now become a lot easier with the new Start@KNX video. This handy introduction video gives a quick overview on what the best ways are to start learning KNX, covering online training, on-site training and literature. Click on the embedded video on the left to watch it.

You can find all videos here: http:www.youtube.com/KNXassociation


Learning never stops – Registration open for upcoming KNX Webinars

KNX Webinar

Learning never stops – this is also the case in the world of KNX. With new the new KNX Webinars, you have the possibilities to learn about the very latest developments, such as KNX IoT, KNX Secure and the new ETS Inside.

Register now and learn in interactive webinars how to always be ahead of time with KNX.   

For more webinars and free registration, visit the KNX Webinar page  here.


Upcoming KNX events near you

The KNX joint Member booth at light+building 2014zoom

From London, to Paris, via Moscow and Tokyo, all the way to Sydney – KNX is present at events all over the world. Some of the upcoming events:

  • Batibouw 2017 (Brussels, Belgium | 16.02. - 26.02.2017)
  • elfack 2017 Göteborg (Sweden | 09.05 - 12.05.2017
  • Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology 2017 Guangzhou (China | 09.06 - 16.06.2017)
  • Integrate Australia Melbourne (Australia | 29.08 - 31.08.2017)
  • Matelec Latinoamérica (Chile | 04 - 06.10.2017)

When you want to know, when KNX will also stop near you, have a look at the complete list of KNX events all over the world.


Hot: ETS5.5.3 now available for free download


Version 5.5.3 of the ETS5 software is now available for download and contains new features, improvements and some bug fixes. Highlights are addition of search/filter functions on the dashboard, extension of the command line of ETS and printable panel detail view. The update can be downloaded for free via the ETS online update or MyKNX. 

For more info, check the release notes.


New ETS Apps by IT GmbH and Tapko now available

KNXMCM BAline Studio Exchangezoom

ETS Apps make working with the ETS Professional even simpler day by day thanks to new releases on regular basis.

Latest ETS Apps are AutoBackup by IT GmbH, which allows you to create snapshots of ETS projects as knxprod-files, and KNX RF Field Strength Analyzer by Tapko for measuring the received Signal Strength Indicators (RSSI) of all user-selected RF devices. All apps are available at MyKNX.  

For an overview of the presented and all other available ETS Apps, visit:  http://www.knx.org/knx-en/software/ets-apps/features/index.php


Questions, comments, remarks or additional information required? We would be happy to hear your feedback at:

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