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KNX Association eNews - ISH 2015

1. KNX at ISH 2015

KNX booth concept at ISH 2015zoom

KNX Association, the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control, will be present at the most important Trade Fair for HVAC in Europe, the ISH fair. The fair will be held in Frankfurt, Germany between the 10th and the 14th of March. On this occasion KNX will have a booth of 150 m². The focus of the booth is on the KNX City concept and ETS5. There are also 10 KNX Members, Professionals and training centres presenting their own solutions at various totem points at the KNX booth. These include EMT Controls, function Technology AS, ise GmbH, Siemens AG, Sinapsi srl, tci GmbH, Warema Renkhoff SE, DIAL, TÜV International GmbH and KNX Professionals Germany. Additionally, a joint-solution between KNX & Opentherm will be shown at the stand. Visit us at the booth 10.3 / A49.

For more information see: www.ish2015.com


2. KNX Members at the KNX booth

EMT Controls

HCM115-2 and HCM115-4 are new members of the DALI - KNX gateways by EMT Controls. GuestComfort Eco, the next generation hospitality energy saving solution, removes and supersedes traditional card holding energy saver relays.  

More info: www.emtcontrols.com



The KNX Multicontroller, “ MultiConcept” centers around a technical grid in the building, designed to give maximum flexibility, comfort and energy control. It enhances quick   installation and flexible adaptation to room functionality and space.  

More info: www.function-group.com



ise Smart Connect KNX is your turnkey solution to integrate non KNX devices into the world of KNX. It brings your KNX installation to any mobile device including smart phones and tablets in the blink of an eye.  

More info: www.ise.de



Siemens shows KNX devices for room temperature control and for intelligent building control.  

More info: www.siemens.com



Sinapsi presents EQUOBOX_MANAGER SOLUTION, the solution for metering energy and other resources in a building based on EQUOBOX ETA SERVER.  

More info: www.sinapsitech.it



With the 7 and 10 inch touch panels pureKNX tci offers a cost-effective solution to equip KNX installations with a graphical user interface. The parameterization of the visualization is done directly with the ETS software.  

More info: www.ambiento.de



WAREMA Opticontrol bundles automation parts for rooms or zones across trades. The WAREMA climatronic KNX control panel panel process data of direct connected meteorological sensors according parameter and timer settings, and sends commands to KNX actuators.  

More info: www.warema.de



Having started over 20 years ago as EIB, KNX is nowadays one of most widely applied automation systems worldwide in residential and functional buildings. DIAL will be present to give information about their KNX training and testing offer.  

More info: www.dial.de


KNX professionals Germany

The KNX Professionals Germany present the KNX solution panel: energy efficiency in advance.  

More info: www.knx-professionals.de



TÜV Rheinland offers extensive KNX certification and training services. Its laboratories are accredited by the KNX Association and provide customers with independent testing for devices and systems around the world.  

More info: www.tuv.com


3. KNX Members at ISH 2015

KNX Members at ISH 2015zoom

KNX Members present at ISH2015 at a glance

More than 60 KNX Members will also be present at the ISH 2015 fair. To see a complete list of the exhibiting KNX Members and where you can find them, download the KNX Exhibitors at ISH 2015 list.

For the complete list of KNX Members, click here


4. KNX city

KNX cityzoom

KNX Association presents KNX solutions at ISH, which provides on one hand energy efficiency in buildings and on the other hand affects the city in order to make it efficient and sustainable. The solutions focus on the interaction of buildings, energy generation, mobility, and infrastructure. The solutions are:

  • KNX Demand Side Management in interaction with the cities utilities
  • KNX  connectivity solutions in the field of HVAC, White Goods, Electro mobility and conventional building loads for the implementation of a holistic KNX Generation-, Load-, and Tariff management
  • Charging solutions for electric vehicles with only renewable energy generations coming from the city or from the building
  • KNX Infrastructure solutions which provide an energy management across many buildings over IP and Internet
  • Smart Metering Solutions in all fields (Gas, Water, heat, Electricity, special fields) which form the basis for city utilities and sustainable cities

For more information download the KNX city flyer here


5. Discover the first steps to join KNX Association at ISH 2015


With the presence of KNX in 125 countries, the KNX Community has never been as strong on a worldwide level as it is today. This is reflected in the decision of more and more companies around the globe deciding to become a KNX Member. Are you interested in joining KNX Association as a KNX Member as already over 380 manufacturers from 37 countries did and develop your own KNX products? Visit the KNX booth at ISH 2015 to discover the first steps of KNX Membership and KNX product development. The KNX staff and members will gladly help you with all questions you might have.

For more information, see here


6. KNX Opentherm solution

Opentherm Logozoom

The KNX-OT-Interface serves as an interface between boilers with OpenTherm communication and KNX systems. This enables the bidirectional exchange of data between the OpenTherm boiler and the KNX system.Via OpenTherm, KNX individual room controls can optimize the flow temperature and energy efficiency of a heating system. This solution will be shown at the KNX Association booth.

For more information visit: www.opentherm.eu


7. New KNX Journal 1-2015

KNX Journal 1-2015zoom

KNX Journal will be available for download from the 9th of March. The main topics are:

  • LG became KNX Member No 350
  • MyKNX launched
  • ETS5 for Experts
  • Energy Harvesting with KNX RF
  • Smart Electric Lyon with KNX RF

The KNX Journal is available in English and German.  

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-journal/


For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact

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