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KNX city projects

KNX city is more than just a concept, there already are several KNX city projects realised worldwide. Underneath you can find a few reference projects.

From KNX city to IoT city

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The KNX Internet of Things (KNX IoT) points out op-tions which KNX offers not only for present but also for future developments. With KNX buildings can be adapt-ed to future requirements that are currently not foresee-able. The example shows the city of Flensburg where municipal buildings are equipped since 1992 with Home and Building Control Systems. The flexibility of the system was recognized already 20 years ago. Such it was possible to respond to technological developments with little ef-fort. Whereas in the beginning mainly technical buildings systems had been controlled, now options for a central management are increasingly used.



The city of Lyon in France is contributing to the world of Smart Cities thanks to an innovative and large project. The location in the Confluence district nestled between two rivers, is of highest prestige and represents the importance of this project. Not only does the location of the project makethis project special, but also its very ambitious goal: PEB (Positive Energy Buildings). Renewable energies play an important role, but, energy management cannot be overlooked. And its at this point where KNX shows up: KNX is the dominating technology in the world of home automation, designed to ensure energy efficiency and interconnection with the CEMS (Community Energy management System).


Integrated Photovoltaics

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In the city of Castelfidardo (Italy) a building shapes the future thanks to its integrated photovoltaics and KNX. This perfect combination allows this infrastructure to produce astonishing numbers of energy, supported by a state-of-the-art monitoring. Performance is verified either locally or remotely, based on the same type of data that is produced by the building control system. This way, building and power plant become one.


The Green and Smart Home

The architecture is contemporary, distinctive and transparent. The house is made up of two building sections with a total of four floors, topped with an asymmetrical roof providing protection against the blazing sun. Built using sustainable construction methods and intelligent insulation, insulated windows, solar heating, photovoltaics, underfloor heating, a heat pump system, radiant cooling, use of rain / well water and subsequent recycling, it can justly be called a “green building”. The building services in this highly sophisticated home are controlled by KNX. The house’s lighting, blinds and HVAC, alarm, technical monitoring and audio-visual systems are controlled by a total of 186 KNX devices. The lighting system was designed with a firm focus on convenience and efficiency: in the living area, scenes can be called up at the push of a button to create lighting moods tailored to a given situation.

The lighting control system includes DALI lights connected via a KNX gateway, LED technology, low voltage lights, and even ornamental fibre optic luminaires integrated into the main deck of the house. The window surfaces, most of which extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling, are protected by a total of 96 shutters that users can control individually, in groups or for a whole facade.

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For optimal glare protection, the curtains can also be precisely positioned manually. And the shutters are also opened and closed automatically by a solar tracking system controlled by a weather station. The building’s heating and air conditioning systems are likewise in line with the latest environmental standards. KNX activates the valves and circulation pump in such a way as to meet occupants’ heating and air conditioning needs as energy-efficiently as possible. In addition to room temperature control, the system also changes the operating mode according to a weekly timer programme. The timer can be manually overridden at any time.