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KNX Secure Checklist

KNX Secure Check

Protecting your installation from unwanted intruders can be realised very easily by checking the following steps:

Have you checked for the individual security measurements for each communication media (TP, PL, RF or IP)?

  • Did you use couplers in the installation?
  • Are devices locked against re-configuration?
  • Did you use KNX Secure devices?
  • Do you suspect unauthorised access to the bus?    

The KNX Secure Checklist is a very handy guide for system integrators but also for estate owners to make sure to meet the highest security standards in home and building control.    

Download the KNX Secure Checklist here


KNX Secure Position Paper

The KNX Secure Position Paper is addressing both, installers as well as KNX manufacturers.  

This paper is the perfect guide in order to understand quickly the KNX Secure mechanisms, as well as to present the security features to potential customers. 

Learn more about the current measures that can be undertaken to increase security of KNX installations.

KNX Secure Position Paperzoom

The content of the paper is:  

  • Introduction
  • Preventing access to the network to the various KNX physical media
  • Limiting unwanted communication inside the network
  • Protecting configuration communication
  • Protecting runtime communication
  • Coupling KNX to security installations
  • Detecting unauthorised bus access
  • Literature    

Download the position paper here

KNX Secure Presentation

KNX Secure presentation

This Presentation explains, how KNX Secure has been implemented in the KNX Standard and how the security mechanisms are put into practise. Clearly explaining the already existing security features, the novelties regarding KNX Secure and the implementation with the ETS, this presentation gives you a very good overview.

Download the presentation here