ETS Inside

Enable the next level of comfort and simplicity

Smart home automation is everywhere today. ETS Inside is KNX’s answer to this growing trend. Now you can offer all benefits of the successful KNX standard in a mobile application, easy to understand and allowing your customers to configure the installation themselves.

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What is ETS inside?

ETS Inside is the entry level version of your trusted ETS Professional that runs on any existing or new KNX installation. Configure settings from your - or your customer’s - tablet or smartphone*. Perfect for small and medium installations, ETS Inside offers the next step in home automation in a stable and secure way.

*available in May 2018


What are the benefits of ETS inside?

ETS Inside offers the best of both worlds: Industry standard KNX security and stability combined with an intuitive user interface that allows smooth home automation. Put your customers in the driver’s seat of their KNX installation and free your time for what really drives your business.

For me

For me

Intuitive set-up with the most important features of ETS Professional for small & medium installations in an app. ETS Inside brings the trusted KNX standard to the smart home era

  • No need for an ETS Professional license. The tool is integrated in the actual KNX installation
  • Reduced number of small interventions
  • Exceed your customers' expectations
For my customers

For my customers

ETS Inside offers customisation at the end user’s fingertips. Small tweaks to configurations can be done instantly and without your intervention

  • Endless personalisation
  • Convenient & user-friendly interface
  • Reduced cost of ownership



How do I get started?

Get yourself KNX devices and see how easy and convenient this new tool really is. Product guides and step-by-step instructions help you make a smooth transition to ETS Inside.

Training & Support

Training & Support

As you have come to expect from KNX, we offer a wide variety of online and offline resources to help you gain the expertise needed to install and integrate ETS Inside for your customers

  • Learn more about our online training and webinars
  • Learn more about our courses
  • Learn more about our support



Keep me informed

Stay up to date with the latest information and developments, as well as about new products that work with ETS Inside.  


What is the difference between ETS Professional and ETS Inside?

ETS Professional (Desktop) targets individuals with KNX experience or who are willing to take part in a certified KNX course. The ETS Professional includes the full range of functions needed for configuring and programming every type of KNX device. The ETS Inside is a version capable of handling configuration and downloads of devices for less complex installations (i. e., no plug-ins, or gateways with complex functionality).

For which type of projects is ETS Inside suitable?

ETS Inside is suitable for residential and small commercial installations, e.g. apartments, houses, small stores, etc., which do not require a large number of devices or complexity.

What’s new about the ETS Inside compared to the ETS Professional?

In addition to the tool’s uniqueness, it is mainly revolutionary because it makes configuration of KNX installations possible with a smartphone or tablet.

What is the added value of the ETS Inside for a system integrator?

The system integrator can now easily delegate parts of the installation‘s configuration directly to the customer. This allows the customer to personally make minor changes*. (*feature available in 2nd half of 2017)

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