KNX IoT Keynote Event

05.04. - 05.04.2022 in Online, Belgium

KNX Association rolls out its new innovation that brings the IoT (Internet of Things) technology to its smart homes and buildings solutions. Laying the foundation for a smarter and sustainable future, the keynote event for the unveiling will be held on 5th April at 10am (Brussels time). Save the date to know more and stay updated.


  • Heinz Lux (CEO, KNX Association) - The future of IoT in Home and building automation
  • Joost Demarest (CTO, KNX Association) - The KNX IoT Technology highlights
  • Jesús Arias (Membership & Business Development, KNX Association)
  • Luís Catalán (Schneider Electric) - 1st Device KNX IoT already Available
  • Marek Kozlak (CEO, Simlab) - 1st KNX IoT Solution
  • Casto Cañavate (Marketing Team Leader, KNX Association) - The KNX IoT Program

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