A sustainable future with smart energy management

04.04. - 04.04.2023 in Woerden, Netherlands

The built environment is responsible for two-thirds of global energy consumption. It is therefore in the built environment where the most can be gained from sustainability. Great strides can be made in this respect with smart energy management. In this webinar we explore the current energy storage market, the possibilities of smart energy management within KNX and we look ahead to the expectations for energy storage in the next 5 years.

Camiell Pauw has been working at Hager Energy for two years where he is responsible for technology, sales and the partner network within the e3dc portfolio. During this webinar, Camiell will discuss the current energy storage market in the Netherlands, the technical challenges of policy and the operation of our energy storage system. You will receive an update on the current status of energy storage solutions for consumers and insight into results already achieved in the form of data from installed systems. In addition, we look ahead to emerging energy storage solutions.

In the second part of the webinar, Robin Jansen discusses the intelligent linking of data obtained from the energy storage system and what you can do with this information within a KNX installation. Robin has over 18 years of experience with KNX. He started as a specialist at Berker, which was taken over by Hager in 2010. For several years he has also been a certified KNX tutor and provides KNX basic and advanced training. During his presentation you will gain insight into methods for reducing or scaling up energy consumption in the energy storage system within KNX.

Jeroen Verbocht will guide the webinar as a moderator. Jeroen has been employed by Leertouwer for 17 years as a system integrator and KNX specialist.

Energy management and KNX go hand in hand. Stay informed about the possibilities of today and the developments for the future, and join this webinar on April 4th.

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