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KNX Association now offers many webinars to inform you about various KNX-related topics. These are online live presentations about both technical as non-technical matters you can follow from behind your computer and interact if you have questions.

Underneath you can see an overview of all webinars we offer. Click on the webinar title to see more info, dates and registrations.

Additional info:

  • All webinars are offered completely free of charge
  • You need to register in advance to attend a webinar
  • Register as soon as you can, there is always a registration limit
  • After registration you will receive a link to join the webinar
  • If you do not have a headset, you can also join the webinar by phone
  • Check this page regularly as new dates are added frequently

We hope to meet you online soon at one of our webinars!

Is the timing inconvenient for you? Several webinars are also offered as a recorded version here

Webinar type


Intended for

KNX System: telegrams & electronics

If you want to know everything about the KNX telegrams, then this is your chance.
This webinar is also the ideal preparation for the 'KNX Development: communication stack' webinar.

- structure and details on all telegram fields
- serial characters, timing aspects
- communication types
- TP: collission avoidance, choke, PSU, ...

Language: English

From: 28-11-2017 14:00
To: 28-11-2017 15:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Members
- Newcomers

KNX Easy: how to set up KNX installations without ETS

E-Mode is the alternative for S-Mode. Especially KNX devices that combine E-Mode with S-Mode might lower the 'bus system threshold' significantly for potential customers and/or installers in the future. This webinar is to present you the most important aspects of E-Mode in order to get you started with the development process of E-Mode KNX products.

- Ctrl-Mode vs. PB-Mode
- Device identification
- Device localization

Language: English

From: 04-12-2017 10:00
To: 04-12-2017 11:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Members

ETS5 Professional & KNX Demonstration

In this webinar ETS Professional will be demonstrated:
- how to realize the most basic (on/off) functions
- how to use the diagnostic features

At the same time also KNX will be demonstrated:
- programming mode
- the effect of programming devices
- the object flags

Language: English

From: 19-12-2017 10:00
To: 19-12-2017 11:00

Intended for:
- Newcomers


Today KNX Web Service gateways are already successfully integrated. This webinars give a view into the future, i.e. what are the next steps of the KNX IoT project. Join this webinar to find how KNX can offer yet new business opportunities for you. There is at least one certainty: KNX stands for future proof technology!

- Where we want to go to ?
- Base = semantics
- Device types
- How will devices communicate ?
- Other use cases
- Time does not effect our principles

Language: English

From: 19-12-2017 14:00
To: 19-12-2017 15:00

Intended for:
- Developers
- Members
- Newcomers