11.06.2019   Also on board of the #KNXTrain: Exclusive webinars

Why not learning whilst working on your computer? The Online Training Wagon makes it possible

Are you already a fan of the KNX webinars? Have you participated in the ETS eCampus and enjoyed the first benefits? No matter what your answers are, the KNX Online Training Wagon will help you to dive in a new world of knowledge

Visit the KNX eAcademy for all upcoming webinars - The interactive webinars, held by KNX Experts will definitely help you understanding the newest and interesting topics in the world of KNX. Want to make first hand experiences? The do not miss your chance to "Succeed and Win" - Visit the ETS eCampus and experience the simplicity of KNX.

Surprise: As part of the #KNXTrain campaign, there will be many surprises coming up, which will be scheduled exclusively on the KNX webinar pages - Keep on visiting this page regularly and be the first to register for one of the exclusive and limited webinars, offering special prizes.

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