08.05.2017   KNX Italy organizes a local KNX Tech Forum

- The audience of KNX Italian manufacturers listening to the presentations on KNX Secure, ETS Inside and KNX IoT

As you could read via the KNX social media channels, in the course of November 2016 KNX Association organized an in-person KNX Tech Forum in Germany and a number of online web conferences, to introduce the KNX novelties (KNX Secure, KNX IoT and ETS Inside) to its KNX members.

As amongst others Spain, UK, Italy and China have a large number of KNX members with head offices in their countries, KNX motivated these local national groups to have a number of experts trained by KNX international on the before-said topics and organize KNX Tech Fora in the local language, each time with the support of a KNX International staff member to answer any possible questions. The first of them was organized on 3rd of May at ANIE in Milano, Italy.

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