KNX Tutor course

If you want to start up your own certified KNX Training Centre, then one of the most important requirements is that you have followed the KNX Tutor course. This course is given by more than 25 training centres worldwide.

The following topics are conveyed during a KNX Tutor course:

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1 KNX Requirements for training centres
2 Structure and Scope of KNX Association
3 KNX Software
4 History of Bus systems
5 Serial data transmission & KNX Protocol
6 Microcontrollers
7 KNX application program
8 IP Communication
9 KNX certification scheme for products

Course details

At the end of the KNX Tutor course there is a theoretical exam in order to test the course participant’s KNX Tutor knowledge.

  • Prerequisite to follow the course: passing the KNX Advanced exam
  • Duration of course: 18 hours
  • Training documentation: standardized
  • Notes to pass exam: 60 %
  • Course given by: KNX Certified Tutor

Where can you follow a KNX Tutor course?

If you are interested to participate in a Certified KNX Tutor course please contact the Certified KNX Training Centre that suits you the most. The complete list of Certified KNX++ Training Centres can be found here.