KNX secure

KNX meets the highest security standards in the market

Why is security in home and building automation important?

Security is a red-hot subject in building technology. Yet, new media like LAN and WLAN with internet access, wireless operation concepts and applications in sensible areas increase the risk of damage by unwanted intruders. Critical and confidential information is increasingly transmitted due to extended application areas. How to protect these data has become a key challenge for planners, installers and manufacturers.

We have to adapt our technology to the risks and security challenges that we face. KNX wants to be a reference in home and building control security. That’s why we created KNX secure. 

What is KNX secure?

Already KNX complies with the highest security requirements, as long as installers of Home and Building Control take care of the recommended protective measures against manipulations.

To continue our security efforts, we have developed two new concepts: KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure. Both of them are based on worldwide established security protocols and can be integrated seamlessly into existing KNX systems. On the one hand, KNX IP Secure ensures that transmitted data via the internet are completely encrypted. On the other hand, KNX Data Secure protects data that is transmitted locally and encrypts selected KNX telegrams independent of the medium.


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