Why should I work with KNX?

At KNX, we understand the challenges that home and building automation form for the experienced professional. We constantly try to improve our technology to the growing needs of your clients. So that you can work with the best software and create even better results.

How do I get started?

By creating a personal myKNX account you can download our software, follow training courses and become a KNX certified partner. Creating your personal account only takes a few minutes!

The benefits of KNX

  • A future proof technology

  • Endless flexibility and personalization

  • A safe and secure system

  • Timesaving and easy installation

  • An integrated and future proof solution

  • An international community

Application areas

With KNX you don’t have to choose between different kind of automation devices or application areas. You can easily control all kind of home and building control under one roof with one system. Piece of cake? Yes!

Modern software

Discover our advanced technology

KNX Internet of Things

Internet of things will have a key role to play in the market of home and building control. Therefore we are already integrating this in our current technology.

KNX Secure

Our software meets the highest security standards, so that you can be sure of a safe and secure installation.