One click away!

Manage your smart home instantly on your smartphone or tablet. Set your thermostat, adjust your lights, log in to your alarm system… with just one click! It’s as easy as checking your social media.

Intuitive interface

Home control doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer an intuitive interface where you can easily manage your settings. No technical knowledge needed.

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Unlimited possibilities

Wake up in the morning by slowly opening your shutters, create a cozy light atmosphere in the evening or set up a routine to give the impression that you’re home when you’re not. With KNX the choice is completely yours! Our technology can be used for different applications and a broad range of products.

New home or renovation project

KNX can be implemented in both newly-built homes and renovation projects. Simply contact a certified KNX installer and he will look into the possibilities to get you started!

How do I get started?

Want to set your first steps with the KNX technology? Get help from an experienced KNX professional in your neighbourhood