17.12.2012   KNX gives away free Apps for the Holidays!

The holiday period is coming. That's why KNX Association wants to offer you presents. From Monday until Friday, KNX will give away 10 Replace Product Apps completely for free. Every day at a random moment you will be able to find one voucher code on facebook and one voucher code on Twitter for this App. This will be a unique code which can only be used once, so be sure to visit facebook and Twitter a lot this week and look for this code and insert the code as soon as you can in your KNX Online Shop account. If the code doesn't work, somebody else was quicker than you and already used the code. For more info about how to hand in your voucher codes, visit your KNX Online Shop account and read the section in the menu "INFO PAGES->Vouchers". We wish you good luck in retrieving one of the codes and happy holidays!

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