03. jun 2014

KNX Scientific Conference 2014: Call for papers

KNX Scientific Conference 2014: Call for papers
KNX Scientific Conference 2014: Call for papers

Every two years KNX Association organizes the KNX Scientific Conference to encourage co-operation between universities and/or technical institutes and the KNX industry.

This year's Scientific Conference is to take place at the Hochschule Rhein-Main in Wiesbaden, Germany on the 30th import_contentamp; 31st October 2014. Abstracts should be sent to us no later than the 31st of July. The submission of final papers will be due the 2th of October.

Presentations are accepted from members of our industry, universities and/or technical institutes.

Please note that at the end of the conference, the KNX Scientific Award 2014 will be granted for the best presented paper, based on criteria like novelty of the topic, added value of the topic for KNX, clarity and overall quality of the presentation. The winner will be handed out the KNX Scientific Award Trophy and win 3000 € in prize money.

Please also note that KNX plans to organize a "KNX Development Getting Started" Workshop for new and potential KNX members on the day before the Scientific Conference, i.e. 29th of October 2014, at the same location in Wiesbaden. More information will follow together with the program of the KNX Scientific Conference 2014.

We look forward to hearing from those of you wishing to present a paper on your KNX-related work. Please find underneath our flyer for the call for paper:

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