08. jun 2015

EITT version 4.2 is now available

EITT version 4.2 is now available

We are glad to inform you about the availability of a new official release of EITT 4.2. There is even more good news, since this version of EITT is completely free of charge for anyone already in the possession of an EITT 4.1. For those licensees, it suffices to simply re-download the installation files from their MyKNX account and they are all set to go!

For those who do not have an EITT 4.1 version yet, special upgrade prices apply from earlier EITT versions to the EITT 4.2. These are automatically offered when making the update in your MyKNX account.

New features of the EITT 4.2 include: entering of comments already in the PIXIT header, faster importing of product data from ETS, defining selection criteria now also for the trace buffer content, and much more …..

A complete list of the new functions, improvements and bug fixes can be found here: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/software/eitt/versions/index.php

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