02.08.2013   Special offer in August: ETS App of the month

Special offer in August: ETS App of the month

With the ETS App "My Product Templates" you can create a template based on a product configuration and use it again for identical products. This avoids reconfiguring the same devices over again. A very useful ETS App whenever you have many identical products with similar configurations. For one month only - in August 2013 - it will be the right occasion for you to discover this ETS App at a reduced price! From 01.08.2013 until 31.08.2013 you can buy it and get a rebate of 50% on its regular price. You can order this ETS App via your KNX Online Shop account. More information about this offer and how to benefit from it, will be available on the KNX Online Shop (menu SPECIAL OFFER). For more details about the ETS4 App "My Product Templates", click on the link.

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