15.11.2013   KNX Uruguay, a small country with big potential

Right after the foundation of KNX Chile, the internationalisation KNX activities moved towards the geographically second-smallest nation in South America: Uruguay. This country started with KNX activities already years ago by the establishment of the first KNX Training Centre in the country in 2010. Afterwards the first KNX Scientific Partner from Uruguay joined the KNX community in 2011. Due to the high demand for KNX in Uruguay, KNX Association put a special focus on this country. Consequently, the KNX National Group Uruguay was founded on the 1st of November. 17 companies joined the new KNX National Group. The office of the president is held by ABB, the secretariat is held by Tecmany (representative of ELERO, VESTAMATIC and Sommer) and Lis Lumínica (representative of Jung) as acting vice-president.

The Foundation Meeting was organized in parallel with an introduction to the KNX technology and KNX city concept. This event was attended by more than 60 participants, with high interest in KNX. The first step is taken, but this is only the beginning. The bright future of KNX in Uruguay is guaranteed.

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