05.02.2014   With ETSI M2M support, KNX has become REST API compliant

KNX, the leading open standard for Home and Building Control now provides a Web-based (REST) development interface through its complete integration with the ETSI M2M Release 2 architecture. With the simple RESTful API outlined in ETSI TR 102 966, M2M Application developers and cloud services can access a large number of fieldbus and automation protocols with a homogeneous XML protocol independent syntax (oBix) and the usual GET/POST/PUT/DELETE verbs already used by Web browsers. The addition of native KNX support to TR 102 966 means that KNX developers can access KNX specific XML elements in addition to the abstract protocol independent elements. For instance the full details of KNX DPTs may be accessed through the ETSI M2M REST API.

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