04.10.2013   Successful KNX National Group Workshop in Luxembourg

Successful KNX National Group Workshop in Luxembourg

KNX has just celebrated the 9th Edition of the KNX National Group Conference, in which 18 KNX National Groups shared their experiences and discovered new ideas from others. The target of the meeting was to share experiences with the promotion of KNX between all National Groups. This occasion demonstrated how the importance of KNX is increasing, with the participant of the major of the city of Luxembourg, Mr Xavier Bettel, together with the president of KNX Luxembourg, Mr Marco Zenner and the secretary, Mr Alphonse Massard, in the opening of the conference. Our grateful thanks go Mr Alphonse Massard, his colleagues, who made sure that the conference ran smoothly. It was a pleasure for us to be guests of such event. More info and pictures on the link

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