01.12.2014   KNX Advent Calendar Game: Win ETS5 licenses and KNX devices

We are happy to introduce a brand new contest to you: the KNX Advent Calendar game!

Win KNX devices and software tools From the 1st until the 24th of December you can win a KNX device or software tool each day. Just visit the advent calendar game web page and click on the door of the current day.

You will see a picture of a part of a KNX product and you have the chance to guess the product and the manufacturer. Take a right guess and you may win the shown device.

The next day you can revisit the page to see the solution/winner and play again by guessing the new shown product. But that's not all! ** Share the game's web page and win an ETS5 Professional** After you have taken a guess on the Advent Calendar game web page you will have the chance to share a message about the game on facebook and/or twitter. Each week during the game we will also give away one ETS5 Professional to someone who shared the message on the social media.

So go visit the page now and every day until the 24th of December to win fantastic prizes. Good luck!

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