09. maggio 2014

KNX Training Conference in Portugal

KNX Training Conference in Portugal
KNX Training Conference in Portugal

More than 50 delegates from various training centres around the world (including Lebanon, Israel, Brazil, India and various European countries) listened carefully to presentations held by KNX Association.

Mr. Unal explained the training centres the major recent changes in the requirements for training centres as well as in the updated training documentation. The KNX certified training centres were given an update on the latest facts import_contentamp; figures of KNX members, training centres, partners including information on recent publications offered by KNX Association.

Mr. Hänel gave the audience an A-Z introduction into the novelties of ETS5 after which the represented training centres had a full day to test as a first KNX community other than the KNX manufacturers the ETS 5 beta version.

The ETS5 was welcomed positively by the various training centres: They really look forward to its introduction into the market in October 2014.

A renewed conference for the German speaking KNX training centres is scheduled for July 8 and 9 in Bayreuth (Germany). More information will follow shortly.

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