10.05.2017   KNX Development Survey: Winners!

KNX Development Survey: Winners!

KNX Association would like to thank all the participants of the Development Survey recently carried out, since the amount of replies has been overwhelming, exceeding all our expectations. Without further ado, these are the winners of the Evaluation Boards:

WinnerCountryEVB referenceEVB provider/manufacturer
Yan XiaoyiChinaProgrammableISE
Jonathan DemeyerBelgiumKNX BAOS Starter Kit Demoboard + 830 +832 +838 kBerryWEINZIERL
Jony ChenTaiwanKAIstackTAPKO
Guillermo RodriguezSpainSiemens BIM M13x + Renesas E1OPTERNUS
Rudolfs MaltavnieksLatviaRPI - KNX InterfaceEELECTRON
Andre PhilippGermanyK98103-0001ELMOS
Stefan GüntherGermanyNCN5130 EVBON SEMICONDUCTOR

Congratulations to all of them! You can check our new Development Microsite in order to make the most out of your Evaluation Board.

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