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KNX offers a wide variety of training sessions and educational resources to get you started with our technology. Discover the basics with our online campus, follow a webinar on an extended topic or get certified in of our offline training centres. We've got everything to satisfy your knack for learning.

By following one of our onsite training courses you can even become a KNX certified partner to increase your professional visibility.

Upcoming webinars

21/05. - 21/05/2019
KNX中国介绍. 市场产品介绍. 产品设计. 工具和认证服务
21/05. - 21/05/2019
These are the basic KNX building functions that will be created: - light: switching & dimming - blinds These functions will also include feedback. During this webinar the following aspects/features will be explained too: - KNX devices: programming mode & reset via ETS - ETS group monitor - the use of the following object flags: I (read on initialization, e.g. after reset), R (read value), U (update value)
21/05. - 21/05/2019
This Webinar offers an introduction to development of KNX devices and solutions. Are you starting your research? Not sure what path to follow? Join the Webinar and feel free to bring up your questions about what to do next!

Online training

Discover the basics of ETS5 and test your knowledge with our online campus. Perfect to get you started with the KNX technology. Moreover, when you successfully pass the tests, you receive a voucher for an ETS5 Lite license.

Onsite training

Showcase your expertise. Follow a basic, advanced or tutor course in one of our offline training centres and become a KNX certified professional.