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School area

School areazoom

In the KNX city, you can find the school area, which consists of 2 classrooms, where training will be given both in English and German each day. Furtheremore there will be 2 presentation areas in the center of the KNX city.


Training English German
KNX city, the sustainable city 4pm 11am
How to start KNX development 10am 5pm
KNX & ETS: Basic Training 11am / 1pm / 3pm 10am / 12 am / 2pm / 4pm
ETS: Advanced Training 2pm 1pm
ETS Apps: Add-on tools for ETS 12am 3pm
Presentation English German
ETS5 every hour every hour
KNX city every hour every hour

For detailed information (in English and German) about the content, time and place about trainings, presnetations and competitions, consult the Training at KNX city flyer: