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ETS Area

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In this area you can find all that is releates to ETS, the Engineering Tool Software for home and building automation from KNX Association. More concretely, the introduction of ETS5 will be the main attraction in this area!

The new ETS5

The new ETS5 is coming. ETS5 is one tool for all media: Embedded, Smart, Wireless! For the first time you can now see for yourself what new features this version has to offer and receive all information you require from the ETS developers.

Want to find out more about ETS5? Then check out the new ETS5 flyer:

Become an ETS5 beta tester

Interested in discovering ETS5 for yourself? Visit the ETS area and get your voucher to become an ETS5 beta tester.


ETS on tablet

During the light+building show, the future development of ETS is presented in the form of a design study. Explore this ETS on tablet Version at the KNX city booth and take part in a fair survey on the future ETS version for tablet PCs.

ETS on Tablet Design Studyzoom

ETS Championship

Do you want to win an ETS4 Professional license with all KNX ETS Apps? KNX Association challenges you to participate in the KNX Championship. It is an open competition in which you need to set up an installation within 20 minutes. 

How to win?
Get one of the following scores and win:

  • Less than 60%   ► 25% discount on ETS4 Professional
  • Between 61-70%   ► 50% discount on ETS4 Professional
  • Between 71-80%   ► 75% discount on ETS4 Professional
  • Between 81-90%   ► ETS4 Professional free of charge
  • Between 91-100%   ► ETS4 Professional with all KNX ETS Apps free of charge

Want to compete? Then register now, places are limited:


ETS Training

Guided by experts you will make your first moves in the world of KNX. Skilled tutors will demonstrate how ETS works, what KNX devices look like, how a project can be created and how devices can be configured and parameterized. In the Training Area you also have the possibility to fire your questions on ETS and test out the answers right away.

Who will win an ETS?

Do you want to win an ETS Professional? Then visit the KNX city and play the game: Who wants to be an ETS winner? During this game you will have to answer KNX and ETS related questions in the style of the popular "Who wants to be a millionaire". Several prizes can be won, with as main prize an ETS Professional with dongle. This game will be held every hour in the KNX city presentation area.