What is ETS Inside?

ETS Inside is the entry level version of your trusted ETS Professional that runs on any existing or new KNX installation. Configure settings from your - or your customer’s - tablet or smartphone. Perfect for small and medium installations. ETS Inside offers the next step in home automation in a stable and secure way.

Why should I work with ETS Inside?

ETS Inside offers the best of both worlds: Industry standard KNX security and stability combined with an intuitive user interface that allows smooth home automation. Put your customers in the driver’s seat of their KNX installation and free your time for what really drives your business.

ETS Inside

All the benefits of the successful KNX standard in a mobile application, easy to understand and allowing your customers to configure the installation themselves.

 From € 160

The benefits of ETS Inside

  • No need for an ETS Professional license. The tool is integrated in the actual KNX installation
  • Reduced number of small interventions
  • Endless personalization
  • Convenient & user-friendly interface
  • Reduced cost of ownership for your customer