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The KNX Roadshows, organised by KNX Association, in cooperation with its KNX National Groups, KNX Userclubs and KNX Partners, is the biggest collection of events addressing the most important topics for smart homes and smart buildings.

The KNX Roadshows is the perfect opportunity for the worldwide KNX community to participate in KNX events without long travels. Stay tuned for the next event, which will take place in near you.

Which events does the KNX Roadshow cover?

The KNX Roadshow invites the you to general, but also specific KNX events. This can include, seminars, conferences, training sessions as well as workshops and exhibitions. For the exact agenda, please have a look for updates of this website.

Next Roadshow


The next KNX Roadshow will be announced on this page. Stay tuned for updates and follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) for the latest announcements.

Past Roadshows

KNX Secure Roadshow
KNX Secure Roadshow

KNX China Roadshow (10 - 17 December, 2018) 
The KNX China Roadshow took place from December 10 – 17 in Beijing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. More than 400 participants from the Chinese KNX community joined in order to learn about the newest devices, developments and novelties in the world of KNX. Needless to say that the prominent buzz words were at every stop. Therefore, many presentations focussed on the topic IoT, Security, but also strongly on AI. Thanks to the outstanding success of the KNX China Roadshow, the streets have been paved with success for the upcoming years. Want to get more information about the KNX China Roadshow? Then contact
KNX China.

KNX Secure Roadshow
KNX Secure Roadshow

KNX Secure Roadshow (1 September – 30 November, 2018)
The KNX Secure Roadshow was held from the 1st of September till the 30th of November, with stops in Latin America, Europe, as well as Africa, Asia and Australia. The KNX Secure Roadshow was the first and only event of its kind, which does look justifiably beyond the high demand for smart home solutions.  More than 1000 visitors at over 30 events had the possibility to learn from industry experts the importance of security, which is an imperative part of automation and sustainability, starting from little houses and ending with smart cities. More information about the whole topic can be found here.

KNX Secure Roadshow
KNX Secure Roadshow

KNX Asia Roadshow (28 July – 11 August, 2017)
The extensive KNX Asia Roadshow covered events, trainings and workshops in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Korea. With 500 participants, including various keynote speakers, industry experts and governmental representatives, the whole Asian KNX community can look at an event, which could not have any bigger impact on the market. 

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