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KNX Association SPECIAL Newsletter - light+building 2010


ETS4 Beta

KNX at light+building 2010


1. ETS4 Beta: Easy, Fast, Open


KNX Association has now completely redesigned its Engineering Tool Software (ETS) and added numerous functions. Thanks to ETS4, it will now be possible to implement KNX projects easy and fast. The use of the platform-independent universal standard XML additionally means that all information relating to a KNX project can be accessed in text form. ETS4 will be available from October 2010 on.   

Visit our booth and become part of the worldwide ETS 4 Professional Beta Test community. 

For more information see: www.knx.org/lb2010


2. KNX TOP Event Invitation

knx 20 years

KNX TOP Event: 20-years jubilee show and KNX Award Ceremony (at the Forum building).   

On Tuesday, 13th April 2010 at 18:30 (6.30pm) at the Forum Building at the Frankfurt Fair grounds (between Hall 3 and 5, next to the Maritim Hotel) the KNX Top Event at the Light and Building fair 2010 will be organized for the:

  • Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of KNX/EIB
  • Official Presentation of the new ETS 4.0
  • Granting of the KNX Award 2010
    • Categories
    • Energy Efficiency
    • International
    • National
    • Young
    • Publicity
    • Special

This international event with participants of over 50 countries will be organized in close co-operation with the L&B Fair Association.   

You are kindly invited to attend this excellent event.   

The KNX TOP Event is a FREE EVENT with LIMITED CAPACITY. Registration is required: www.knx.org/topevent   

Your invitation is available in 10 languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.Download your invitation here.


3. 20 Years of KNX at light+building 2010 (KNX, 8.0 F98 and 11.1 C97)

20 Years of KNX at light+building 2010

New ETS4; new, energy-efficient applications; new specifications. KNX will be exhibiting the new ETS4 beta version, new energy-efficient applications (for schools, offices, industrial and residential buildings), and considerably extended new specifications, at two different exhibition spaces: 8.0 F98 (main stand) and 11.1 C97. The focus will be on the completely overhauled ETS4, which is considerably faster, simpler, and more open than its predecessor. KNX User Club members from 6 different countries will be exhibiting 16 impressive and highly practical KNX applications in the areas of energy efficiency, multimedia, smart metering, audio/video, safety/security, HVAC, remote surveillance, etc. The KNX specifications 2.0, which is an extension to the previous KNX standard (version 1.1), will also be presented for the first time at the stand. Key additions to the KNX standard include new wireless, smart metering and audio/video specifications.

  • Main booth of KNX Association in Hall 8.0/F98
  • Satellite booth of KNX Association in Hall 11.1/C97

For more information see: www.knx.org/lb2010


4. KNX-based "e-house" (ZVEH, 8.0 / J60)

KNX-based "e-house"

The special show “The e-house: combining energy, efficiency, electrical engineering and intelligence” has been put together for professionals, by professionals, to bring the subject of energy efficiency to life. The “e-house” is a 160-square metre model house with seven rooms, specially built to demonstrate proven, practical, functional KNX building automation applications. Built on a scale of 1:1, it shows just what is possible today with building automation. The components, all networked via KNX, and from a variety of different manufacturers, will all be in operation during the fair. Thanks to the networking and intelligent coordination of the individual KNX components in the system, energy is deployed and used with maximum efficiency.   

For more information see: www.knx.org/lb2010


5. Tenth KNX Competition for Electro and Information Technology Trainees (BZL, 9.1 D20)

Tenth KNX Competition for Electro and Information Technology Trainees

The tenth KNX competition for electro and information technology trainees, run by BZL Lauterbach (Training and Technology Centre for Electro and Information Technology) in cooperation with the Hessen/Rhineland-Palatinate Electro and Information Technology Association (FEHR), will take place at this year’s Light+Building. At the event, all trainees in these sectors will once again have the opportunity to win generous prizes by demonstrating their knowledge of KNX building automation.   

For more information see: www.knx.org/lb2010


6. KNX Members at light+building 2010

KNX Members at light+building 2010

KNX Members present at light+building at a glance. 

More than 80 KNX Members will also be presenting their KNX devices at light+building 2010.   

For more information see the list of KNX Members here or download the official KNX Map Guide for light+building 2010 here.


7. New ETS Offers

New ETS Offers

ETS Special offers for light+builidng 2010.

  • Free ETS:  get you FREE ETS 3 Trainee vouche r
  • Test ETS:  Become part of the worldwide ETS 4 Professional Beta Test community
  • Win ETS:  participate in our ETS game and win your FREE ETS Professional voucher
  • Upgrade ETS: ETS3 Prof -> ETS4 Prof -  buy a new ETS3 License now and get your free upgrade license as soon as ETS4 is available (approx October 2010).

For more information see here 


8. New KNX Applications

New KNX Applications

15 KNX Userclub members from 5 countries will be showing KNX applications put into practice.   

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2010/knx-applications/index.php


9. New KNX Devices

New KNX Devices

More than 80 new KNX devices will be displayed at the KNX booth at the Light and Building.     

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/lb2010/knx-devices


10. Touch KNX

Touch KNX

More than 30 KNX Touch panels will be displayed at the KNX booth at the Light and Builidng.     

For more information see here


11. KNX Events

KNX Events

Don´t miss any KNX event.     

For more information see: Agenda of KNX Association at light+building 2010


12. KNX Brochures

KNX Brochures

Want a copy of the available KNX Brochures and flyers? Please note the following: all documents are in PDF format. To download, please do a right mouse-click on the link and save it to your local drive. To view the PDF document, you need an Adobe Acrobat Reader.    

For more information see: www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2010/brochures/index.php


13. KNX Giveaways

KNX Giveaways

Visit us and ask for a unique Birthday gift - a small KNX World Ball!      

For more information see here


14. Wish Us "Happy Birthday" & Win a Present

knx Happy Birthday

KNX celebrates its annivesary - you get the presents! 

During the light+building exhibition, you can win a nice present, by simply wearing one of the KNX   badges. Want to play? Come to the KNX booth, take a 20 years badge and wear it around the fairgrounds. If you are lucky, you might be picked as one of the winners of an iPOD.  


15. Pictures

KNX Fair impressions

KNX Fair impressions. 

KNX Assocation keeps you updated on what is happening in Frankfurt, impressions   before, during and after the light+building fair. Even if you cannot visit  the light+building 2010, you can enjoy the KNX appearance at Light and Building 2010 here.   

For more information see: www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2010/pictures/index.php


16. KNX Live Webcam and KNX Song

KNX Live Webcam and KNX Song

Hear KNX and follow us online!     

For more information see: www.knx.org/lb2010/countdown


For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact (heinz.lux(at)knx.org).