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KNX Association eNews - September 2017

The final sprint of 2017 has started! But this does not mean that we are only facing the final events of 2017 – It foremost means that the biennial highlight, the “Light + Building 2018” show is approaching! As always, KNX Association is working on many surprises, as well as the highly anticipated KNX Top Event and the KNX Awards! For this, KNX Association is happy to announce that the KNX Award is open for projects!

But before diving in the highlight everybody is waiting for, the year 2017 is full of unforgettable moments. E.g. Did you know that KNX is the leading smart home system in Europe and China according to the latest BSRIA study? This and other news will also be found in the new KNX Journal 2/2017, which is available from now on.

Also the topic of training and education played and still plays a major role in 2017. Thanks to the ETS Inside, the access to KNX has been made easier. Not convinced? In this case, you must not miss the upcoming ETS Inside Days in September– Learn and Win! But not only the ETS Inside, but also new webinars in cooperation with members, online trainings and international competitions allow everybody to get started with KNX. To really support this, KNX Association also goes one step further: From now on you can learn more about KNX in the newly launched KNX Blog!

2017 is a year full of surprises, highlights and milestones! To not miss anything, have a look at the topic of this newsletter! We hope you enjoy the KNX Newsletter with its topics:

First and foremost, we welcome:

New KNX Members


View the full list of all 418 KNX Members

New Certified KNX Training Centres


View the full list of all 420 KNX Certified Training Centres

New KNX Scientific Partners


 View the full list of all 134 KNX Scientific Partners

KNX Award - Hand in your project now

KNX Award

It’s that time again! KNX Association International is calling for the best projects all over the world for the “KNX Award 2018”! Participate now and be one of the lucky winners of the prestigious KNX Award and a cash prize of €1000.

Applying for the KNX Award has never been easier and faster thanks to the new New System to hand-in your award application. Try it out now and be amazed by the simplicity of the new award application process!

 Save the dates: 

  • 24th of November 2017, deadline for submission of the projects for KNX Awards 2018
  • 20th of March 2018, KNX Award Ceremony at the KNX Top Event at Light + Building 2018

For more info and to start your application, please visit http://award.knx.org


BSRIA: KNX leading Protocol


BSRIA presented the results of its latest Smart Home/Light Commercial market study, covering international markets. Result: KNX Is the leading protocol in Europe and in China! Do you want to know why? Have a look at the full report in the BSRIA press release, which you can find here.


ETS Inside Days in September: Learn & Win a free ETS


The new ETS Inside – Did you know…? …that you can win a special price by learning? Yes, you read correctly – In September, KNX Association will unveil 10 new tips and tricks for the ETS Inside. Best is, the more you know, the higher your changes to win the ETS Inside Game. Follow the KNX news and its Social Media to win one of the 10 free ETS Inside with MiniPC included (all participants will receive a special surprise too!). More information can be found on the dedicated ETS Inside website here.


The new KNX Journal 2-2017 - Now available

KNX Journal

The new KNX Journal 2-2017 is out now! Highlights of this issue is of course the study by BSRIA, highlighting that KNX is the number 1 system. But also further topics, such as how HVAC and KNX go hand in hand with use cases, special features of the ETS Inside and many more topics make this KNX Journal a must-read!

New national KNX Journals have been published in Belgium, France and Spain. Also, stay tuned for the imminent release of the Italian KNX Journal!

The new KNX Journal 2-2017 as well as the national KNX Journals can be found here.


KNX and HVAC Training – Made easier


Thanks to the strong increase of KNX manufacturers, the market can look at more HVAC solutions with KNX. No surprise that HVAC is becoming an increasing topic in KNX Trainings. For this, KNX Association did not only provide a new training material, but also a dedicated HVAC website. Check out the KNX-HVAC website.

More information? Have a look at the HVAC Press Release here.


KNX device development - Never been that simple


Are you looking for information on how to start developing your own KNX devices? Look no further. The dedicated website for KNX device development has been updated with new information, including an extension of system components, videos explaining how to develop with system components from certain manufacturers and much more. First time or returning visitor? It is definitely worth visiting the KNX Device Development website.


Webinar offer extended - KNX teaming up with members

KNX Webinar

Learning never stops – this is also the case in the world of KNX. Not only do we continue extending our webinar offer on a regular basis. We also teamed up with KNX Members to give more information about different KNX applications, with focus on solutions offered by our KNX Members.

Register now and learn in interactive webinars how to always be ahead of time with KNX. For all webinars and free registration, visit the KNX Webinar page here.


The new KNX Blog now available


Next to free online trainings, KNX webinars and other opportunities to broaden your KNX horizon, KNX Association is proud to announce the launch of the new KNX Blog! The new KNX Blog is a platform for the whole KNX community to share knowledge and raise more awareness for KNX, in order to become the leading source for information and educational content about home and building control. Read and subscribe to it here: http://blog.knx.org

Interested in contributing to the new KNX Blog? Contact here


WorldSkills 2018 in Abu Dhabi - Of course with KNX


No professional world championships without KNX! Competitors from all over the world will once again come together to let their passion for their professions run free and pit themselves against one other in 51 disciplines at WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi 15-18 October. These young talents will not be missing out on the worldwide standard for house and building systems engineering this year either. KNX remains the essential technology for the discipline of electrical engineering and the first choice for these young contestants from more than 40 countries.

For more info, check the  Press Release or visit http://worldskills.knx.org


Upcoming KNX events near you

The KNX joint Member booth at light+building 2014

From London, to Paris, via Moscow and Tokyo, all the way to Sydney – KNX is present at events all over the world. Some of the upcoming events:

  • KNX Training Centre Conference (Finland | 25. - 26.09.2017)
  • WorldSkills 2017 (United Arab Emirates | 14. - 19.10.2017)
  • interclima+elec (France | 07. - 10.11.2017)
  • ISE 2018 (The Netherlands | 06 - 09.02.2018)
  • light+building 2018  (Germany | 18 - 23.03.2018)

When you want to know, when KNX will also stop near you, have a look at the complete list of KNX events all over the world.


Hot: ETS5.5.4 now available for free download


Version 5.5.4 of the ETS5 software is now available for download and contains new features, improvements and bug fixes. Highlights are individual cancellation of pending operations, selection of the font in the ETS reports settings (so that the reports can match your corporate design) and manual updates of project states in the "Project Archive". The update can be downloaded for free via the ETS online update or MyKNX.

For more info, check the release notes.


Last chance to update from ETS3 Professional to ETS5 Professional at a reduced price


Do you still own an ETS3 Professional license? As you probably know, this product has been discontinued in 2014. Therefore, we would like to offer you one last chance to update it with a unique one time rebate of 50%! This is the ultimate opportunity as there will be no other special offer anymore for this product.

For more info, check myKNX.


New ETS Apps by Hager and Busch-Jaeger now available

Hager-Berker app

ETS Apps make working with the ETS Professional even simpler day by day thanks to new releases on regular basis.

Latest ETS Apps are Easy2ETS by Hager/Berker, which can be used to read out an installation made of Easy Hager and Berker devices configured with TXA100 and to take over the configuration with ETS, and BJE 6186/40 Configuration by Busch-Jaeger needed for configuration of the BJE 6186/40 Split Unit Gateway.

For an overview of the presented and all other available ETS Apps, visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/software/ets-apps/features/index.php


ETS eCampus - now available in Chinese

Chinese eCampus

In order to spread knowledge on an international level, KNX Association released the ETS eCampus in Chinese! This makes the ETS eCampus now available in 16 languages! Have you already tried the ideal platform for a smooth start with KNX? If not, do it now and visit the ETS eCampus.


Questions, comments, remarks or additional information required? We would be happy to hear your feedback at:

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