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KNX Association eNews - September 2015

25th Anniversary of KNX: 1990-2015

KNX Association, the worldwide STANDARD for home and building automation, is pleased to celebrate its 25th anniversary on the 20th of October 2015. For the 25th Anniversary of KNX, the whole KNX community will celebrate the anniversary with KNX events all over the world, which will result in the biggest event in KNX history. This does not only include the organising of over 40 KNX events worldwide, but also the highest possible raise of awareness for KNX. The 25th Anniversary of KNX will be an event that the world will be talking about beyond the 20th of October and the year 2015!

Find a full list of events here:

Win ETS5 Professional licenses at all events
For its 25th anniversary, KNX wants to celebrate by giving away lots of prizes. At each organized events, lotteries will be held where ETS5 Professional licenses can be won.

Win iPhone, Tablet, GoPro Camera and more prizes
You can also win great prizes without attending any of the events. During the month of October we will also organize a lottery game via the Social Media, where you have the chance to win an iPhone, a Tablet or a GoPro Camera and other goodies. Make sure you follow our facebook and twitter pages so you won't miss this opportunity.

Follow the events online
Can not attend any events, or you want to see what's going on at other locations? This will be possible by visiting the http://knxis25.knx.org page on the 20th of October. Here you will find a real-time feed with info, video streams and pictures about all ongoing events.

#KNXis25 On the 20th of October we not only want to dominate the world of home and building automation, but also the social media. Show you are there by using the #KNXis25 hashtag on facebook and twitter when uploading all your pictures, tweets, video's etc. when visiting/organising events. You can now already find all related posts by inserting the #KNXis25 hashtag in the search bar on the social media platforms.

For more info, visit: http://knxis25.knx.org

KNX is 25 logo

1. News from KNX Standard

News from Standard

IPR Clearance of KNX Standard 2.1 completed
In the month of August, the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Clearance Process of Version 2.1 of the KNX Standard was successfully concluded.  This implies that the involved manufacturers jointly agreed that all patents that had been disclosed during the clearance process and that were considered necessary for the development of KNX certified products according to the KNX Standard 2.1 had been put in the KNX IPR Free List by the patent holders/members concerned. The copy of the IPR Free List as well as the IPR Safe List (= patents assessed not to reflect aspects described in the KNX Standard Version 2.1) can be downloaded from the appropriate sections on the KNX FTP Server.

New Coupler Model 2.0
The use of the coupler model 2.0 as part of the AN161 has recently been restricted to TP1/RF Media Couplers. In other words, this AN may not be used to develop any other coupler than the one coupling the TP and RF media. This is documented in the most recent version of the AN available from the FTP Server.    

The table below gives you an overview which KNX Standard parts the different couplers from now on have to comply with: 

Media (Primary/Secondary) References
IP/TP1 KNX Specifications v2.1 and “AN167 Mask 091Ah Property based Configuration”
TP1/TP1 KNX Specifications v2.1
TP1/PL110 KNX Specifications v2.1
TP1/RF AN161 v04 AS

For more information about the KNX Standard, visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx/technology/standardisation/index.php


2. KNX Association welcomes to the KNX Community

KNX Test Lab logo

New KNX Accredited Test Labs

KNX National Group logo

New KNX National Groups

For the complete list of KNX National Groups, visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/community/national-groups/about/index.php

KNX Userclun logo

New KNX Userclubs

  • KNX Userclub Korea
  • KNX Userclub Lebanon

For the complete list of KNX Userclubs, visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/community/userclubs/list/index.php


3. KNX Award 2016 open for applications

KNX Award 2016zoom

KNX Association International is pleased to announce that applications can now be handed in for the KNX Award 2016, which will be granted at the light+building fair 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany). The KNX Award rewards the smartest KNX projects in home and building control around the world, which stand out as regards innovation and technical progress.

For more info about participation, categories, prizes and rules and to apply, please consult the special KNX Award web pages.

For info/registration, visit: http://award.knx.org


4. KNX Journal 2-2015 now available

KNX Journal 2-2015zoom

The new edition of the KNX Journal is now available for download. This edition comes with a new and fresh layout. Main topics are:

  • 25 Years of KNX: 1990 - 2015
  • KNX in The Middle East
  • New ETS Apps
  • New KNX Products

Download the KNX Journal here:

All KNX Journals can be downloaded here: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-journal/


5. New National KNX Journals

Spanish KNX Journal 2015zoom

Next to a new edition of the international KNX Journal, several KNX National Groups have published national editions of the KNX Journals, with articles in the native language and articles that focus on the local market. Click on the links to view / download all different KNX Journals:

Austrian Edition

French Edition

Spanish Edition

All KNX Journals can be downloaded here: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-journal/


6. New KNX Flyers

Project Design Guidelineszoom

KNX Association now offers 2 new flyers:

KNX Project Design Guidelines: The “KNX Project Design Guidelines” intend to assist KNX Partners to realise KNX projects in a proper and structured manner. They are meant to complement the “KNX Project Checklists”, which concentrate on the project handling starting from the identification of the customer requirements up to the handover. KNX has elaborated these “KNX Project Guidelines” in order to make the realisation of KNX projects easier for all companies involved.

KNX at Latin America: This flyer shows the growing presence in different countries of the Southern American continent, with an overview of realised projects, event, etc.

A full overview of the available flyers can be found in the download section: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/downloads/index.php


7. New KNX Video's

KNX Association as uploaded several new video's to the YouTube channel for you to check out, here's an overview of new video's to watch:

For a full overview make sure to check our YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/KNXassociation


8. New Press Releases

9. New KNX Webinars and info page

KNX Webinars

KNX Association now offers many webinars to inform you about various KNX-related topics. These are online live presentations about both technical as non-technical matters you can follow from behind your computer and interact if you have questions. Next to the already existing Webinars, we now offer a whole new range about the following topics:

  • KNX Solutions for LEED strategies
  • KNX city Solutions and Case Studies

Furthermore the KNX Webinar overview page has been renewed so you can easier search for upcoming webinars fit for you personally.

For all webinars and registration: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/training/knx-eacademy/webinars/index.php


10. KNX at Fairs and Events

The KNX joint Member booth at light+building 2014zoom
  • Biel light+building (Buenos Aires, Argentina | 15. - 19.09.2015)
  • Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (Shanhai, China | 23. - 25.09.2015)
  • Elektrotechniek 2015 (Utrecht, The Netherlands | 29.09. - 02.10.2015)
  • Matelec Chile (Huechuraba, Chile | 07. - 09.10.2015)
  • Hem & Villa (Stockholm, Sweden | 08. - 11.10.2015)
  • Hom & Living Expo (Kirchberg, Luxembourg | 10. - 18.10.2015)
  • Facilities Integrate 2015 (Auckland, New Zealand | 15. - 16.10.2015)
  • 25th Anniversary of KNX (Worldwide | 20.10.2015)
  • Energie&Technik Smart Home & Metering Summit (Munich, Germany | 28. - 29.10.2015)
  • HI-TECH Building (Moscow, Russia | 28. - 30.10.2015)
  • Interclima+elec 2015 (Paris, France | 02. - 06.11.2015)
  • Tecnomultimedia Infocomm Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia | 10. - 12.11.2015)
  • Interlight Moscow 2015 (Moscow, Russia | 10. - 13.11.2015)
  • Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications (17. - 18.11.2015)
  • Beurs Domotica & Slim Wonen (Eindhoven, The Netherlands | 18. - 19.11.2015)
  • Concreta 2015 (Porto, Portugal | 19. - 22.11.2015)
  • Taipei International Building, Construction & Decoration Exhibition (Taipei, Taiwan | 10. - 13.12.2015)
  • ISE 2016 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 9. - 12.02.2015)
  • Batibouw 2016 (Brussels, Belgium | 26.2 - 08.03.2016)
  • light+building 2016 (Frankfurt, Germany | 13. - 18.03.2016)
  • Eliaden 2016 (Oslo, Norway | 01. - 03.06.2016)

For more info, see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/events/index.php


11. ETS5 eCampus now offers 8 new languages

The ETS5 eCampus progress overviewzoom

The KNX ETS5 eCampus is a web based training that helps you to get started with the basic concepts of the KNX bus, even if you are not familiar with this technology so far. Moreover, you will learn how to setup and work with the brand new ETS5. Before the web based training tool was only available in German and English. Now you can also choose French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese and Finnish. Try it out yourself via your MyKNX account and get a reduction voucher for an ETS5 Lite after successful completion.

Visit the ETS5 eCampus via MyKNX: http://my.knx.org


12. ETS5 now compatible with Windows10

ETS logozoom

With the availability of Windows 10 operating system, it was also necessary for ETS5 to be ready. Consequently, you can download, install and use ETS5 with Windows 10 whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit version and benefit from all the advantages of this new version. ETS5 is available as download from MyKNX in the DOWNLOADS section.

For more info about the requirements of ETS5 can be found here


13. EITT 4.2 now available

EITT logozoom

We are glad to inform you about the availability of a new official release of EITT 4.2. This version of EITT is completely free of charge for anyone already in the possession of an EITT 4.1. For those who do not have an EITT 4.1 version yet, special upgrade prices apply.

New features of the EITT 4.2 include: entering of comments already in the PIXIT header, faster importing of product data from ETS, defining selection criteria now also for the trace buffer content, and much more.

For more info and to order, check MyKNX: http://my.knx.org


14. Special ETS Apps offer in September

ETS logozoom

KNX Association has developped a whole series of successful ETS Apps since 2012. In September and only for one month, order the 11 KNX Association ETS Apps and receive 50% off the whole bundle! These ETS Apps are: EIBlib/IP, Extended Copy, Split&Merge, My Product Templates, Replace Product, Labels, Long-Term Recorder, Project Tracing, Online KNX Product Catalog, Device Reader, Project Compare.

For more info, see: http://my.knx.org


15. New ETS Apps

KNX Bus Updatezoom

KNX Bus Update by ABB & Busch-Jaeger: The ETS app “KNX Bus Update” serves for the firmware update of various Busch-Jaeger KNX devices via the ETS (Engineering Tool Software). The current firmware files can be downloaded automatically from the Internet. The app can be used with ETS4 or higher.

Griesser GPAzoom

Griesser GPA by Griesser AG: The Griesser GPA (Griesser Protocol Analyzer) app can decode, record and save KNX bus telegrams of the type 6-byte Griesser object. The GPA app works as a supplement to the Bus or Group Monitor integrated in the ETS. The Griesser GPA app must be launched separately from the Bus or Group Monitor and simultaneously records all KNX telegrams. As it does so, the Griesser object telegrams are recorded in decoded form. The GPA app offers the same functions as the Bus and Group Monitor except that it interprets the proprietary Griesser 6-byte object and decodes the sectors, the priority and the command.

Function Testzoom

Function Test by IT GmbH: The ETS App Function Test supports you in function test / acceptance of a finished KNX project: * At any time, it is clearly visible which functions are tested and with which result * The results can be printed as report * For the function types Switching, Dimming, Sun protection and Heating, pre-defined "Mini-Visualizations" are available making it easy to view and modify the current states. * It is possible to control the App from iOS or Android-based mobile devices with the help of the "Elvis Viewer" app.

For an overview of all available ETS Apps, visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/software/ets-apps/features/index.php


Job vacancy at KNX

Job Opening

KNX is currently on the look-out to extend its Brussels Technical Team with a KNX IP System Architect. If you are interesting in helping to shape the KNX 2.0 protocol fully based on IP, then please react to this job vacancy by contacting and sending in your detailed CV.

More information on the job profile can be found here.


For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact

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