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1. News from KNX Standard

News from KNX Standard

KNX Cookbook
As already communicated in the previous newsletter, newcomers in the KNX developing community can now take recourse to a new volume 2 in the KNX specifications, which outlines the necessary steps for the development of KNX compatible devices on the basis of existing system components, including the preparation of an ETS4 database entry.  KNX now also offers to anyone interested the possibility to take part in Webinars based on this Volume 2, which are held on a regular basis. Information is given on the KNX development process, how to read the KNX specifications, the KNX Certification Process and the use of the KNX conformity test tool EITT. Attendance is free for KNX members. Should you wish to enlist one or more developers for such future webinars, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Johnson (hazel.johnson(at)knx.org). 

Metering M-Bus Data Collector
A new update has been readied of the Volume 7/60/1 specifying a model for an interface between M-Bus and KNX, for the collection of M-Bus metering data and a possible forwarding of key consumption data in KNX (e.g. for remote reading via e.g. telephone gateway, energy management or visualization). To this existing volume, a new model for a generic meter has been added, to collect data from not yet modeled meter types (e.g. S0 or IR interfaces). 

Tunneling IA
As it may be possible that one KNXnet IP Tunneling Server supports multiple simultaneous tunneling connections (e.g. ETS and diagnostics or visualization tool), it was necessary to lay down rules to assign a unique individual address for each connection. For this, an application note was drawn up (AN 139), which is currently in its final voting cycle: this AN introduces a new error message to indicate that the server can offer more connections if unique individual addresses would be used. 

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-standard/specifications/index.php


2. New Members, Training Centres, Scientific Partners, National Groups


New Members:

For more information see the worldwide list of KNX Manufacturers: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/manufacturers/list/index.php


New Training Centres:

For more information see the worldwide list of Training Centres:  http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-partners/training-centres/list/index.php


New Scientific Partners:

For more information see the worldwide list of Scientific Partners: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/community/scientific-partners/list/index.php


New National Groups:

For more information see the worldwide list of National Groups: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/community/national-groups/index.php


SPECIAL SECTION: Worldskills London 2011

Worldskills London 2011

What is WorldSkills?
WorldSkills - the largest vocational skills competition in the world for non-academic professions - is organized every 2 years and attracts thousands of visitors. WorldSkills is a unique global Competition, where young people up to 23 years old from across the world compete to become the best of the best. This event is also known as the Olympic Games for Non-Sportive Disciplines (Skills). For general information, please see  here

The world's biggest skills competition for the artisanal sector consists of 45 major professional disciplines. In Skill 18, the electrical installers are tested.  For the first time , the WorldSkills Chief Expert and the technical team decided that  the skill “Electrical Installation” will be based on KNX . The world’s best electrical craftsmen will compete in London between 5 and 8 October. 

KNX will also be represented at the event with an own booth. Please feel free to visit us at  booth EX90 or join us via facebook, twitter or YouTube   during the WorldSkills event.

Worldskills 2011 webpage

New Generation KNX at Worldskills 2011 webpage
For this occasion, KNX Association created a new webpage which focuses on the young KNX world, with more info about:

  • What is WorldSkills?
  • General Information
  • Participants at WorldSkills 2011
  • KNX in Young Competitions
  • KNX ETS4 eLearning Tool
  • KNX Press Release
  • Chat with Generation KNX
  • Young Generation Projects
  • Generation KNX Flyers

To visit the website, please click here


3. New KNX International Journal 2/2011

New KNX International Journal 2/2011

The second  KNX Journal of 2011 is now available, the main highlights are:

  • Generation KNX
  • KNX At WorldSkills 2011
  • Chat About KNX
  • ETS eLearning
  • New KNX Devices

This KNX Journal is available as an English and a German version.      

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/knx-journal/index.php


4. New National KNX Journals

New National KNX Journals

Next to the new KNX Journal 2/2011 also 4 national KNX Journals are now available, namely the Danish, Nordic, Chinese and Belgian editions. These national KNX Journals focus more on the local KNX-market and are written in their proper language. Later this year the new Spanish and French editions will be published as well. Click on the links to view the different Journals.

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/knx-journal/index.php


5. New Press Releases

New Press Releases

4 new press releases are now available:

  • Stephan Bauer elected new President of the KNX Association
  • KNX projects are persuasive all over the world with clear energy saving costs
  • OMS-Konferenz über offene Kommunikationsstruktur für Smart Metering
  • Generation KNX at WorldSkills 2011 in London

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/press-room/index.php


6. New KNX Devices

New KNX Devices

Finding product information about new KNX products has now been made easier. Next to the chapter "new KNX products" which appears in each KNX Journal, you can now find the product info directly when opening the ETS4 software in the bottom right screen. In addition to this new ETS4 feature you now can also find the same product info on the KNX website. Please click on the link underneath to visit the webpage. 

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx/devices/index.php


7. New KNX Flyers

 New KNX Flyers

KNX Association now offers 2 new flyers, you can find them all in the download section of the website under KNX Flyers

  • How to become a KNX Partner: Becoming a KNX Partner, a certified installer, has numerous advantages. This will open the door for a lot of new possibilities for your business. Now all these advantages and the procedure are bundled in one new flyer. This flyers is currently available in 4 different languages.
  • KNX introduction flyer: KNX Association has restyled the KNX Introduction Flyer. The flyer briefs the main concept of KNX such as the KNX Standard and KNX Certification; as well as it summarizes in one view the main KNX Tools Software and the structure of KNX Association. The flyer is currently available in 9 different languages.

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/downloads-support/downloads/index.php


8. New KNX Presentations

New KNX Presentations

KNX Assoctiation now offers 4 new presentations, you can find them all in the download section of the website under Various -> Presentations:  

  • Advantages of KNX
  • How To become a KNX Partner
  • KNX Solutions
  • How to become a Scientific Partner

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/downloads-support/downloads/index.php


9. KNX on LinkedIn

 KNX on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ultimate portal where more than 100 million professionals come together to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. To provide LinkedIn users with all necesary information about the KNX world, a new LinkedIn company profile page of KNX Association has been created. You can visit this page by clicking on the link or the LinkedIn icon.   

For more information see: http://www.linkedin.com/company/knx-association


10. New Open Metering System Group website

New Open Metering System Group website

The OMS, the Open System Metering Group, is a community of interest of suppliers in the area of metering relevant to accounting founded by FIGAWA, KNX and ZVEI. With the "OMS metering system specification" the OMS-Group has developed and open, vendor independent standard for communications interfaces and basic requirements. All info can be found on their new website

For more information see: http://www.oms-group.org


11. KNX at Fairs & Conferences

 KNX at Fairs & Conferences
  • IBS 2011 (Paris, France, 20.09.2011 - 21.09.2011, link)
  • The 5th Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition (Shanghai, China, 21.09.2011 - 23.09.2011, link)
  • Elektrotechniek 2011 (Utrecht, The Netherlands, 03.10.2011 - 07.10.2011,link)
  • Worldskills London 2011 (London, UK, 05.10.2011 - 08.10.2011, link)
  • EFA 2011 (Leipzig, Germany, 12.10.2011 - 14.10.2011, link)
  • Autumn Fair (Kichberg, Luxembourg, 15.10.2011 - 23.10.2011, link)
  • GBCSA Convention (Cape Town, South Africa, 26.10.2011 - 28.10.2011,link)
  • BIEL Light + Building (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 08.11.2011 - 12.11.2011,link)
  • KNX National Forum (Santurce, Spain, 9.11.2011 - 10.11.2011, link)
  • National Domotics & Smart Living Fair (Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 23.11.2011 - 24.11.2011, link)
  • ISE 2012 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 31.01.2012 - 02.02.2012, link)
  • Hi-Tech building 2011 (Moscow, Russia, 08.12.2011 - 10.12.2011, link)
  • Sähkö Tele Valo AV 2012 (Jyväskylä, Finland, 01.02.2012 - 03.02.2012,link)
  • interclima+elec 2012 (Paris, France, 07.02.2012 - 10.02.2012, link)
  • Batibouw 2012 (Brussels, Belgium, 01.03.2012 - 11.03.2012, link)
  • Ecobuild 2012 (London, England, 20.03.2012 - 22.03.2012, link)
  • light+building 2012 (Frankfurt 15.04.2012 - 20.04.2012, link)
  • Eliaden 2012 (Oslo, Norway, 04.06.2012 - 07.06.2012, link)
  • KNX Scientific Conference 2012 (Gran Canaria, Spain, 01.11.2012 - 02.11.2012, link)

For more information see http://www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/events-fairs/index.php


12. ETS4 now available in 9 new languages

ETS4 now available in 9 new languages

KNX Association is very happy to inform you that the new ETS4.0.5 is now available, with language packs for the following languages:French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Russian and Polish.License owners of ETS4 can download this upgrade directly in their current ETS4 program. New users can download the newest version directly from their account at the KNX Online Shop.                          

For more information see http://www.knx.org/knx-en/software/ets4/features/index.php


For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact heinz.lux(at)knx.org

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