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KNX Association Newsletter - October 2010



  1. News from KNX Standard
  2. New Members, Training Centres, Scientific Partners, National Groups




Special: ETS4 official launch


Special: KNX Worldwide Event on 20 October 2010

  1. New international KNX Journal 2/2010
  2. New National KNX Journals
  3. The KNX White Paper for metering, displaying and energy management
  4. New KNX presentation
  5. 2010 market survey on bus technology
  6. KNX website now in Danish
  7. KNX Scientific Conference
  8. CYE 2010
  9. KNX at fairs and conferences




  1. Every 20th purchase of ETS4 Professional refunded on 20 October




1.   News from KNX Standard

KNX Flexible Easy Mode Channels Concept approved as KNX Standard extension
During the last voting cycle of the KNX Technical Board, an important extension was approved to the KNX Easy configuration procedures. Before, KNX devices that are configured via easy configuration mechanisms had to support in a very rigid way the channel codes as described in the KNX standard. The new specification allows the manufacturers to make manufacturer specific extensions to the channels, always keeping in mind that the additional data points shall respect the KNX interworking rules. The new specifications describe how KNX easy controllers can discover these extensions when linking two KNX easy devices.


For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-standard/knx-specifications/



2.   New Members, Training Centres, Scientific Partners, National Groups

New Members:

  • Apricum d.o.o. (Croatia, http://www.apricum.com )
  • Balmart Sistemas Electronicos y de Comunicaciones S.L. (Spain, http://www.balmart.es )
  • Blucasa s.r.l. (Italy, http://www.blucasa.it )
  • Cisco Systems (USA, http://www.cisco.com )
  • Colorado vNet (USA, http://www.coloradovnet.com )
  • Dätwyler Cables (Switzerland, http://www.daetwyler-cables.com )
  • DKX S.L. (Spain, http://www.dkx-tech.com )
  • EAS SYSTEMS (Germany, http://www.eas-systems.de )
  • easyMOBIZ mobile IT solutions GmbH (Austria, http://www.easyMOBIZ.com )
  • ELSO GmbH (Germany, http://www.elso.de )
  • function Innovation & Technology AS (Norway, http://www.function.no )
  • GePro Gesellschaft für Prozeßtechnik mbH (Germany, http://www.eib-tab.de )
  • HEP Tech. Co. Ltd. (Taiwan, http://www.hepgroup.net )
  • Hugo Müller GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, http://www.hugo-mueller.de )
  • LDS Intelligence Technology Co. Ltd. (China, http://www.lds-china.com )
  • Matrikon (Canada, http://www.matrikonopc.com )
  • Nordwestdeutsche Zählerrevision GmbH & Co. KG (Germany, http://www.nzr.de )
  • Normalux (Spain, http://www.alumbradointeligente.com )

For more information see the worldwide list of KNX Manufacturers: http://www.knx.org/knx-members/list/




New Training Centres:

  • ABB Egypt KNX training center (Egypt, http://www.abb.com/knx )
  • ABB Sace KNX Training Center (Italy, http://www.bol.it.abb.com )
  • Armiti Trading (L.L.C) (United Arab Emirates, http://www.armiti.ae )
  • Berufskolleg der Stadt Bottrop (Germany, http://www.berufskolleg-bottrop.de )
  • BGE der Handwerkskammer Aachen (Germany, http://www.hwk-aachen.de )
  • green future technologies pty limited (Australia, 132c60d66516117af0f0fe453bd15b36b27ac979#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> ren.e(at)gmx.net )
  • KNX Italia (Italy, http://www.knx.it )
  • Kuratorium für Elektrotechnik (KFE) (Austria, http://www.kfe.at )
  • Poznan University of Technology (Poland, 6d1560b25a305a4aed87fb1516223d52981a6fb6#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> andrzej.ksiazkiewicz(at)poczta.pl )
  • Schneider Electric Austria Ges.m.b.H. (Austria, http://www.schneider-electric.at )
  • Siemens Sitrain (Turkey, http://www.siemens.com.tr/sitrain )

For more information see the worldwide list of Training Centres: http://www.knx.org/knx-partners/training-centres/list /


New Scientific Partners:

  • Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (Germany, 1bad57af8c3628086546b9c4298e7538761190b4#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> drescher(at)fh-swf.de )
  • Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg (Germany, f09b845a5839a48915426ac236a46a90b4d9e82b#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> johann.abrams(at)haw-hamburg.de )
  • Politecnico di Torino (Italy, 26fbcd3e7514e6a0e94749789cd0d3cf9abc2da4#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> fulvio.corno(at)polito.it )
  • Technical University of Denmark (Denmark, b9812c198ae59542eecf6416d195ecb673f263c5#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> joss(at)fotonik.dtu.dk )
  • Université de Rennes 1 (France, c9894ef223b47e302f33a40bbeba74945fdd0502#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> patrice.barbel(at)univ-rennes1.fr )
  • University of Florence (Italy, 6b8c880e0d2bfae200d5725f7c886339427bd2f2#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526ifi.it> trippi(at)vega.de.unifi.it )

For more information see the worldwide list of Scientific Partners: http://www.knx.org/knx-partners/scientific/list/



New National Groups:

  • KNX Ireland ( http://www.knx.ie)

For more information see the worldwide list of National Groups: http://www.knx.org/national-sites/





SPECIAL SECTION:   ETS4 official launch


The new ETS4 Professional software will be available soon, on the 20th of October. Via clickable shortcuts directly on the start page you can find:
  • general info
  • brochures
  • presentations
  • prices and ordering info
  • and much more

So don't hesitate and visit www.knx.org to find out all you need to know about the new ETS4 software.






SPECIAL SECTION:   KNX Worldwide event on 20 October 2010


On the 20th of October, KNX Association will not only launch the new ETS4 software, but also celebrate its 20th anniversary.This day, there will be several events taking place all around the world. you can find an overview of all planned events here. If you wish to attend any event, please contact the concrete representative in order to receive more information.


You can also watch all events  live online here





3.   New International KNX Journal 2/2010

The new edition of the KNX Journal 2/2010 is now available. Highlights of this Journal edition are:

  • ETS4 - Put to the Test
  • 8 Steps to Success with ETS
  • 2010 market survey on bus technology
  • KNX Award 2010 Projects
  • KNX Web Event

If you wish to order the KNX Journal, please send to 40de1be16412fdeed62b70c2b9d59da56c476351#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526> knx-journal(at)knx.org or click on the following links:

  • English
  • German


For more information see: http://www.knx.org/news-press/knx-journal/




4.   New National KNX Journals

Next to the new KNX Journal 2/2010 also 3 national KNX Journals are now available, namely the Chinese, Spanish and Belgian editions. These national KNX Journals focus more on the local KNX-market and are written in their proper language. Furthermore, a fourth local KNX Journal, the Nordic edition, will be available at the 20th of October.


  • KNX Journal 2010 Belgian edition

  • KNX Journal 2010 Chinese edition

  • KNX Journal 2010 Spanish edition

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/news-press/knx-journal/



5.   The KNX White Paper for metering, displaying and energy management

The document with the title KNX for Metering, Displaying and Energy Management is the first KNX White Paper. This document focuses on Smart Metering summarizing and also giving technical insight into how KNX installations can interlink with smart meters. Now KNX Association wants to share this with you, if you would like to read about it, send an email 5a1afd2d8559ba4f6be8e9f107640a60693017fc#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526>here. 


For more information see: http://www.knx.org/downloads-support/download-white-paper/



6.   New KNX Presentation

KNX Assoctiation now offers a new presentation:


Do you know the history of KNX or to which international Standard it complies? Or maybe you are interested to learn more about the main advantages of KNX or be informed about the market relevance of KNX worldwide? If so, download the updated general presentation on KNX.


For more information see here


7.   2010 Market Survey on Bus Technology

The statistics taken from a newly-published international market survey compiled by South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences have concluded that there is a very strong consensus among respondents regarding the global standard for home and building control: KNX is the clear favourite. The survey was conducted in April 2010 during “Light+Building”, the world’s largest trade fair for architecture and technology. If you are interested please download here.

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/downloads-support/downloads




8.   KNX website now in Danish

The KNX website is getting more and more international. All KNX information (on e.g. the KNX System, Standard, Partners, Tools, News, etc.) is now available for 18 countries, the latest one being Denmark.


For more information see: http://www.knx.org/dk/




9.   KNX Scientific Conference

The KNX Scientific Conference is the bi-yearly event meeting the most of the KNX Scientific partners and also KNX Members of the KNX Association. This event will present the latest studies in the field of KNX and HBES sector. This year the event will be held in the Universidad Pública de Navarra in Spain on the 4th and 5th of November. If you are intersested in the sessions of the last KNX Scientific conference click on the link below.


For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-partners/scientific/scientific-events/


10.   CYE 2010

The young electrical engineering technician generation looks for a European champion with KNX. For the eleventh time young talent from the European electrical branch is taking part in the Competition of Young Electricians 2010 (CYE 2010). Already teams from different countries have registered for this occasion, which will take place in Madrid (Spain) from 26th to 30 October 2010.


For more information see: http://www.aie-cye.eu



11 .   KNX at Fairs & Conferences

  • ELECTROtec 2010 (Athens, Greece, 01.10.2010 - 04.10.2010, link )
  • Belektro (Berlin, Germany, 06.10.2010 – 08.10.2010, link )
  • Hem & Villa (Stockholm, Sweden, 07.10.2010 – 10.10.2010, link )
  • 20th anniversary of KNX Association (Worldwide, 20.10.2010, link )
  • Elmässa 2010 (Stockholm, Sweden, 20.10.2010 - 21.10.2010, link )
  • CYE 2010 (Madrid, Spain, 26.10.2010 - 30.10.2010, link )
  • MATELEC 2010 (Madrid, Spain, 26.10.2010 - 29.10.2010, link )
  • Smart Metering and Grids (Rome, Italy, 28.10.2010 - 29.10.2010, link )
  • KNX Scientific Conference (Navarra, Spain, 04.11.2010 - 05.11.2010, link )
  • Hem & Villa Göteborg (Göteborg, Sweden, 04.11.2010 - 07.11.2010, link )
  • Interlight Moscow (Moscow, Russia, 09.11.2010 - 12.11.2010, link )
  • Beurs Domotica & Slim Wonen (Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 17.11.2010 - 18.11.2010, link )
  • GET Nord (Hamburg, Germany, 17.11.2010 – 19.11.2010, link )
  • HI-TECH BUILDING 2010 (Moscow, Russia, 07.12.2010 - 09.12.2010, link )
  • ISE Europe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 01.02.2011 - 03.02.2011, link )
  • ISH (Frankfurt, Germany, 15.03.2011 - 19.03.2011, link )

For more information see http://www.knx.org/news-press/events-fair



12.   Every 20th purchase of ETS4 Professional refunded on 20 October

From 20.10.2010 on, our new ETS4 Professional will be available. Because this same day we also celebrate the 20th anniversary of KNX Association, every 20th purchase of an ETS4 Professional will be refunded, so be sure to buy ETS4 this day to have a chance to receive ETS4 for free. To order the software, please visit our KNX Online Shop.



For more information please contact our 76bb5887a9622f6667b8f8536acaa61b94e2f545#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526>sales department




For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact 0b038307a102d9314d4607d5fc20e9266975284d#e909211255ce6eba8d276d3e6dc3c36bd0269692#9359961526>heinz.


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