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KNX Association Newsletter – May 2010




Special: 20years of KNX 

KNX at Light + Building 2010 

KNX Top Event 

KNX Award


1. News from KNX Standard

News from KNX Standard

KNX and color coding - KNX and smart metering 

In view of the increasing importance of creating light scenarios including color (e.g. for LED lighting), the KNX Working Group Interworking has recently agreed on a new standardized KNX data type 232.600 DPT Colour_RGB for the realization of such applications on the basis of KNX.  

In the past months the number of realizations using KNX for smart metering purposes has steadily increased, some of them presented at the recent Light and Building Fair. Needless to say that KNX puts a lot of effort in ensuring proper interworking between applications of different manufacturers. KNX Working Group Interworking has therefore recently issued extensions to the KNX standard including the new data type ‘prioterized scene control’ for the realization of load management functions and a new application specification for the realization of submetering.

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-standard/knx-specifications/


2. New Members, Training Centres, Scientific Partners

New Members, Training Centres, Scientific Partners, National Groups

New Members:

For more information see the worldwide list of KNX Manufacturers: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/manufacturers/list/index.php

Training Centre

New Training Centres:

For more information see the worldwide list of  KNXTraining Centres: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-partners/training-centres/list/index.php

Scientific Partners

New Scientific Partners:

For more information see the worldwide list of KNX Scientific Partners: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/community/scientific-partners/list/index.php



  • 20 years of KNX

KNX is already 20 years the worldwide standard in home and building control. You can read a brief overview of the history of KNX here or watch the video overview of EIB/KNX through the years here   

We received a lot of videos with birthday wishes from people of the KNX community all over the world. You watch can them all here or watch a short summary on Youtube   

KNX is the future. During the KNX Top event the Secretaries of the KNX national groups of France, Italy, UK and China expressed their visions for KNX in the future. You can watch the video   here

knx 20 years
  •  KNX at Light + Building 2010

Light+Building is the KNX trade fair. 83 KNX members exhibited a total of 225 new KNX devices at Light+Building 2010. System integrators from 5 different countries presented 15 innovative KNX applications at the KNX stand.    

You can find an overview of all 15 applications at http://www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2010/knx-applications/index.php   

All pictures of the KNX booth can be found here     

For more information see   http://www.knx.org/lb2010/

light+building 2010
  •  KNX Top Event Show

On 13 April 2010 in Frankfurt (Germany) , during the Light + Building fair , the world’s largest KNX event – the KNX TOP Event 2010 – took place. The event was attended by more than 1,200 guests from 54 different countries and was organized for the:  

  • Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of KNX/EIB
  • Granting of the KNX Award 2010
  • Official Presentation of the new ETS 4.0

Were you one of the attendants and would you like to relive this fantastic event, or did you miss out on this special evening? You can watch the highlights of the KNX Top Event Show here   

If you want to see more, you can request the DVD of the complete KNX Top Event by sending an email to thibaut.hox(at)knx.org   

All pictures of the KNX Top Event can be found here     

For more information see http://www.knx.org/knx-en/topevent2010/index.php

KNX Top Event Show
  • KNX Award 2010 

A total of 11 KNX Awards were presented for internationally outstanding KNX home and building control projects. This year for the first time, in order to take account of the huge diversity of projects from around the world, three additional categories were created for the KNX Award International, each based on a geographical region: Europe, Asia, and Africa, America and Australia. In addition, in three categories, two companies were awarded first place, in recognition of the extraordinary originality of the projects entered in these categories. This year’s ceremony once again broke all previous records: four times more KNX projects were submitted than just two years ago, and this time from 48 different countries.

You can find the overview of all KNX Award 2010 winners  here 

You can find video with a summary of the KNX Award ceremony  here 

You can find a video with an overview of all nominated projects and the winners  here 

All pictures of the KNX award ceremony can be found  here 

For more information see  http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx/projects/knx-award-projects/index.php

KNX Award 2010

Next 20th anniversary event:
The worldwide KNX web conference with participants from 100 nations on 20 October 2010

3. New KNX Journal 1/2010

New KNX Journal 1/2010

The new edition of the KNX Journal 1/2010 is now available. Highlights of this Journal edition are:

  • 20 years KNX
  • New ETS4 Beta
  • Energy Efficiency in: School Buildings, Industrial Buildings and Homes
  • LED, WLAN and iPhone Control
  • New KNX Devices
  • KNX Denmark, KNX Egypt and KNX Ireland

If you wish to order the KNX Journal, please send to knx-journal(at)knx.org or click on the picture for the PDF version. 

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/knx-journal/index.php


4. New KNX Press Releases

New KNX Press Releases

4 new Press Releases are available:

  • KNX scores with energy efficiency in Europe, Asia and the US
  • The new ETS4: Easy, Fast, Open.
  • KNX celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • Splendid KNX Award 2010: Participants and winners from the whole world

For more information see: www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/press-room/index.php


5. How to become a Scientific Partner

How to become a Scientific Partner

The new flyer How to become a Scientific Partner is now available in 2 languages:

You can also find this information in the Scientific Partner section of our website:

  • Scientific Partner information, link
  • Scientific Partner joining, link
  • Scientific Partner events, link

For more information see www.knx.org/knx-en/community/scientific-partners/about/index.php


6. Checklist step-by-step project management

Checklist step-by-step project management

Two new flyers for step-by-step project management are now available in 2 languages:   

Part 1: Start of project, which contains a checklist for implementing an electrical installation with KNX and a supplementary sheet for other possible applications:

Part 2: Handover, which contains the visual inspection, functional check, customer induction and the handover of the system:

Please order at info(at)knx.org


7. Touch KNX

Touch KNX

A new flyer with all the touch panels displayed at the KNX booth during Light + Building is now available in 2 languages:  

Please order at info(at)knx.org


8. Basic principles of the KNX Standard

Basic principles of the KNX Standard

The new brochure Basic principles of the KNX Standard is now available in German.       

You can download it here     

Please order at info(at)knx.org


9. KNX at Fairs & Conferences

 KNX at Fairs & Conferences
  • Swedish Exhibition Center ( Göteborg , Sweden, 05.05.2010 - 06-05.2010)
  • Eliaden 2010 (Oslo, Norway, 31.05.2010 - 03.06.2010, link )
  • LPRA Radio Solutions (Cambridge, UK, 02.06.2010 - 04.06.2010, link )
  • Electrical Building Technology Guangzhou (Guangzhou, China, 09.06.2010 - 12.06.2010, link)
  • Home Technology Event (London, UK, 15.06.2010 - 17.06.2010, link )
  • IFA 2010 (Berlin, Germany, 03.09.2010 – 08.09.2010, link )
  • ECL 2010 (Brussels, Belgium, 23.09.2010 – 24.09.2010, link )
  • Belektro (Berlin, Germany, 06.10.2010 – 08.10.2010, link )
  • 20 th anniversary of KNX Association (Worldwide, 20.10.2010, link )
  • MATELEC 2010 (Madrid, Spain, 26.10.2010 - 29.10.2010, link )
  • KNX Scientific Conference (Navarra, Spain, 04.11.2010 - 05.11.2010, link )
  • Beurs Domotica & Slim Wonen (Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 17.11.2010 - 18.11.2010, link )
  • GET Nord (Hamburg, Germany, 17.11.2010 – 19.11.2010, link )
  • HI-TECH BUILDING 2010 (Moscow, Russia, 07.12.2010 - 09.12.2010, link )

For more information see http://www.knx.org/knx-en/news-press/events-fairs/index.php


10. Buy ETS 3 now and get the ETS4 upgrade in October for free


ETS4 will be officially released in October 2010. Until then, you may wish to buy an ETS 3 Pro license. 

Do not worry about having to buy an upgrade to ETS4. To all users buying between now and 30/09/2010 an ETS3 Professional license, KNX Association will offer an free upgrade to ETS4! Moreover, when the ETS4 is released you will have nothing to do. KNX Association will automatically add in your account the upgrade to the new version. Therefore, no need to hesitate anymore. Buy ETS3 Pro now !

For more information see the special action from KNX homepage: www.knx.org


For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me (heinz.lux(at)knx.org).

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