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KNX SPECIAL eNews - light+building 2014

1. KNX city at light+building 2014

KNX cityzoom

This year KNX will once again be represented at the light+building trade fair in Frankfurt (30 March - 4 April 2014) in a manner befitting of its status as the world’s leading standard for home and building control. The three letters of the KNX name will be emblazoned in eye-catching locations in several of the halls at the fair, for example in the popular Galleria, where the KNX Association is building the “KNX city” on an area covering some 700 square metres. Topics addressed in the KNX city will include “Energy management in the city of the future”, “The new KNX software ETS5 and the new ETS apps” and “KNX Championship – the KNX competition”. The Association will also be offering visitors special trade fair discounts on ETS software plus half-hour KNX training sessions, while KNX Professionals will be presenting twelve new applications for use with the increasingly popular global standard KNX.

To see all area's and activities of the KNX city, download the KNX city Mapguide

For more info about the KNX city and all its areas, visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2014/KNX-city/index.php


2. KNX booths at Hall 8, 9 and 11

KNX joint member boothzoom

As a result of the worldwide increased importance of the KNX Technology, KNX Association willagain offer a KNX joint member booth, where 21 KNX members from 9 countries will have their own booth space. You can find this 250m² booth in Hall 8 Booth F98. Click here to see all exhibiting members at the member booth.

For the first time, KNX Association will also be present in Hall 9.0 B30. Ath this booth, in cooperation with the ZVEI and ZVEH, you can find project panels of the nominees for the Energie Effizienz Preis 2014, presenting their projects.

Furthermore, KNX Association will again be present in Hall 11.1 at booth C92.   

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2014/Member-Booth/index.php


3. KNX Partner booths at ZVEH and BZL

ZVEH e-hauszoom
BZL Standzoom

KNX-based e-house (ZVEH, 8.0 J60)
The special show “The e-house: combining energy, efficiency, electrical engineering and intelligence” has been put together for professionals, by professionals, to bring the subject of energy efficiency to life. The “e-house” is a 160-square metre model house with seven rooms, specially built to demonstrate proven, practical, functional KNX building automation applications. Built on a scale of 1:1, it shows just what is possible today with building automation. The components, all networked via KNX, and from a variety of different manufacturers, will all be in operation during the fair. Thanks to the networking and intelligent coordination of the individual KNX components in the system, energy is deployed and used with maximum efficiency.

For more information, click here

KNX Competition for trainees (BZL, 9.1 D18)
At the stand of BZL Lauterbach young people can test their practical knowledge of KNX in a competition where they have to configure KNX functions in a KNX installation.

For more information, click here

ZVEH Architekten conference
On the 3rd of April, ZVEH is organizing the 4th Architect forum at light+building at the Portalhaus at hall 11.

For more information, click here


4. KNX Top Event

ZVEH e-hauszoom

On Tuesday, 1st of April 2014 at 6.30pm-8pm at the Forum Building at the Frankfurt Fair grounds (between Hall 3 and 5, next to the Maritim Hotel) the KNX Top Event at the light+building fair 2014 will be organized for the:

  • ETS5 world premiere
  • KNX Award 2014 ceremony, with categories:
    • Energy Efficiency
    • International
    • Young
    • Publicity
    • Special
    • People's Choice

The seats are limited, so register NOW if you want to attend this event:http://topevent.knx.org


5. KNX Members at light+building 2014

Route Plannerzoom

More than 100 KNX Members will be presenting their innovatins at their own booth at light+building 2014.

To help you find you way to the different KNX Members, KNX Association offers you a home and building control Route Planner, which will be handed out at the fair grounds, you can find the digital version here.

For a list of all exhibiting KNX Members, click here.


6. New ETS5: Embedded, Smart, Wireless


The new ETS5 is coming. ETS5 is one tool for all media: Embedded, Smart, Wireless! For the first time you can now see for yourself what new features this version has to offer and receive all information you require from the ETS developers.

Interested in discovering ETS5 for yourself? Visit the ETS area and get your voucher to become an ETS5 beta tester.

Want to find out more about ETS5? Then check out the new ETS5 Flyer


7. New ETS Apps

ETS Apps areazoom

ETS Apps are extentions for the ETS Software, which extend this tool with extra features and functions. These are developed both by KNX Association and by KNX Member companies. The existing and new ETS Apps of companies:    

  • KNX Association
  • IT GmbH
  • Nautibus electronic GmbH
  • ABB - Newron Systems

will be presented at the KNX city.

For a full overview of all available ETS App, please visit: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/software/ets-apps/features/index.php


8. New ETS on Tablet

ETS on Tabletzoom

ETS5 is not the only innovation KNX Association will show at light+building 2014.

During the light+building show, the future development of ETS is presented in the form of a design study.

Explore this ETS on tablet Version at the KNX city booth and take part in a fair survey on the future ETS version for tablet PCs.

For more info, visit us at the KNX city in the ETS area


9. ETS Offers

ETS offers at light+buildingzoom

Special ETS offers for light+building offers:

  • ETS4 Lite for free
  • ETS4 Professional at a special price
  • ETS Apps package at a special price
  • ETS5 Beta to test
  • ETS4 Professional to win

For more information, click on the image


10. New KNX Journal

KNX Journal 1-2014 coverzoom

The first KNX Journal of 2014 will be available on the 30th of March at light+building 2014.

The main highlights will be:

  • New ETS5 Beta
  • New: KNX RF S-Mode
  • KNX Arrived in Latin-America
  • New manufcaturers, products, applications
  • ETS4 Professional to win

For an enlarged view of the cover, click on the image

To view previous KNX Journals, visit http://www.knx.org/knx-en/knx-journal/index.php


11. New KNX Flyers

11. New KNX Flyers

KNX Flyer overviewzoom

At light+building 2014  in Frankfurt, Germany, KNX Association will be offering the following new flyers:

  • General Info flyer
  • KNX Solutions
  • KNX city
  • Smart Metering
  • ETS5
  • ETS Apps
  • How to become a KNX Member
  • How to become an ETS App Developer
  • KNX Development getting started

For a complete overview of all flyers at light+building,click here


12. New KNX Solutions

KNX Solutions at light+building 2014zoom

At the KNX city 12 new KNX solutions put into practice, will be presented. 

These applications are prepared by KNXProfessional Members, experts in KNX installation and integration.

For an overview of the KNX Solutions, click on the image


13. KNX Community

KNX Communityzoom

KNX is not only the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control, KNX is also a strong community. This will be shown at the “KNX Community Area”.

In order for you to join this strong community, visit the KNX Community area at KNX city and enjoy the special benefits KNX Association offers you at light+building. To see what KNX Association offers its community at light+building, please click on the link underneath.     

For more information see: http://www.knx.org/knx-en/lb2014/KNX-city/KNX-city-plaza/index.php


14. KNX Championship

KNX Championshipzoom

Do you want to win an ETS4 Professional license? KNX Association challenges you to participate in the KNX Championship. It is an open competition in which you need to create an installation. It is an open installation.

For information and registration see: http://competition.knx.org


15. KNX School

Presentation at KNX cityzoom

During the light+building show, KNX Association offers in both training rooms a multitude of different training sessions for various target groups. The list of the different offered training sessions can be found in the training overview.

For more information, check the Training at KNX city flyer


16. Win with KNX

KNX Buttonzoom
KNX Footballzoom

Who will win an ETS?
Do you want to win an ETS Professional? Then visit the KNX city and play the game: Who wants to be an ETS winner? During this game you will have to answer KNX and ETS related questions in the style of the popular “Who wants to be a millionaire”. Several prizes can be won, with as main prize an ETS Professional with dongle. This game will be held 4 times a day in the KNX city presentation area.

Are you familiar with new KNX Products?
Can you recognise new KNX products on the spot? Then pay a visit to the KNX city and take part in our 3D game named ‘Who recognises the KNX product?’. During the game, a new KNX product is slowly uncovered. If you are able to recognise it before it is completely visible, you win a KNX football. The game is played every hour in the member area at the KNX city.

Show the button – Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
During the light+building exhibition, you can win a nice present, by simply wearing one of the KNX buttons. Want to play? Come to the KNX booth and ask for a KNX Button and wear it around the fair grounds. Somebody will be looking around the light+building fairgrounds for people wearing the KNX button and will surprise two lucky winners each day with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3!


17. KNX Café

KNX coffee cupzoom

In the KNX city you can take a break and  enjoy a cup coffee at the KNX internet café. This is the ideal place to join our different Social Networks during the fair so you are updated with all KNX news. 

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