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Newsletter from KNX Association - July 2006

Dear Members, Scientific Partners, Training Centers and National Groups of KNX Association: First of all I would like to communicate some great news, hot from the press:   

KNX has become World standard ISO/IEC 14543




1. KNX has become World standard ISO/IEC 14543

Last week it was confirmed to us that the media independent layers of the KNX standard have been positively voted to become ISO/IEC standard 14543. In other words, the core of the KNX standard - born as an industrial standard, matured to become a European standard - has now made it to the top spot in international standardisation, an ISO/IEC standard.   

We will start with the MarCom activities regarding to the ISO/IEC 14543 after the holidays.

2. Status international Standardisation

  • EN 50090-5-3 - KNX RF standard - was positively approved by the European CENELEC national committees. Ratification by the CENELEC Bureau Technique under way.
  • EN 13321-2 - KNXnet/IP standard - is submitted for formal vote in CEN after positive enquiry.

3. New Members, Training Centres, Scientific Partners, National Groups

  • New Training Centres
    • Constatacatos Bros S.A. Athens (Greece)
    • Intendo d.o.o. Rijeka (Croatia)
    • Home Futura - Cadiz (Spain)
    • Fundacion San Valero - Zaragoza (Spain)
    • Landesberufschule für Elektrotechnik Stockenau (Austria)
  • New Scientific Partners
    • Ajou University (S. Korea)
    • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Netherlands)

4. Status of marketing working groups

(see CA376.PDF)

5. Status of upgrading all partners to the KNX partners

(see Partners.PDF)

6. KNX Association: Areas of responsibility

(see AreasOfResponsibility.PDF)

7. Exact naming of standard

The exact naming of our standard is KNX (and not Konnex).   

The association name is KNX Association.   

Our communication logo is the trademark logo (without “KONNEX” underneath). This logo you will find on all our certified products. Please use it also for your communications.

8. Results of the market enquiry at the Light & Building

(see Enquiry.PDF)

9. KNX at the fairs:

  • IFA (Germany, 01.-06.09.06)
  • Nordelectro (Germany, 13.-15.09.06)
  • Belectro (Germany, 18.-20.10.06)
  • Matelec (Spain, 24.-27.10.06)
  • Hi-Tech House (Russia, 09.-12.11.06)

10. KNX at the conferences

You are invited to participate in the following conference:

  • Scientific Conference (9./10.11.06)
  • Net-at-home (France, 26.-27.09.06)
  • Metering, Billing & CRM (Denmark, 10.-12.10.06)
  • e/home (Germany, 18.-20.10.06)
  • Wireless Congress (Germany, 15.11.06)

11. New logos / new animation

(see CA378.PDF)
The new EN50090 logo and the new EN50090 animation (see at our website) you can download from www.konnex.org -> Menu Downloads -> Various -> Symbols and Pictures -> Logos.   

For downloading click here

12. New press releases

We have a new press release: KNX and BACnet – Two Complementary Open Standards.   

For more information see   here

13. Award projects

The KNX Award is given for the best projects on both residential and commercial building worldwide. We have created a site with project descriptions of the winners of the KNX Awards 2006.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me (heinz.lux(at)knx.org).