KNX city at light+building 2014

KNX IoT city at Galleria

KNX Association will present the latest technologies and applications at the KNX IoT city at Galleria at the Frankfurt Fairground during Light + Building 2018. This main KNX booth will be the most impressive KNX presentation with a surface of more than 700 square meters and a wide range of different areas to visit:

The KNX Technology Area with IoT, Secure, RF panels

The KNX IoT Demonstrator

In the KNX IoT section of the KNX IoT city will demonstrate the results of the KNX IoT project. On the one hand it will be demonstrated how the existing KNX solution will be extendable with multiple IPv6 compliant physical media, on the other hand how KNX plans to extend its distributed reliable interoperability up to the cloud. All of this taking into account the results of the joint work with Fairhair and Thread.  

The KNX Secure panels 

From a concept to reality! KNX Association is proud that it will be able to present the first available KNX Secure devices. Both KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure will be shown, allowing to protect RF/TP networks but also communication between KNXnet/IP devices,  thus allowing protection across the board. Enhance the security of your existing installations or use KNX Secure right from the start in new installations! KNX Secure is unrivalled in the world of smart homes and smart buildings. 

The KNX RF panel 

No cables, fully programmable with ETS and Secure! KNX RF combines all of these features and makes them available to you! The KNX RF Panel impressively demonstrates a selection of available KNX RF devices, which will turn your home into a smart home without the need for additional cabling.

The Applications Area by the KNX Professionals

KNX finds its use in various applications and solutions, from residential to commercial, from small to large. However, what they all have in common: They are all Secure! Using the latest KNX Secure devices, all shown installations demonstrate how important data is secured with AES128 encryption, which is used in KNX Secure!

A Secure IoT Building Automation Platform in cooperation with Fairhair Alliance and Thread Group

At the KNX IoT city in the Galleria, KNX Association has invited its liaison partners, Thread Group and FairhairAlliance, to present the results of the jointly elaborated work towards a common unique and secure building automation IoT framework serving the needs of multiple building automation solutions.

  • At their booth in the KNX IoT city, the Thread Group will explain how its technology can serve to extend classic KNX installations with a field bus IPv6 network, allowing constrained devices to exchange KNX standardized data on the Thread wireless mesh network, behind the Thread border router making the connection to the KNX classic world.
  • At their booth in the KNX IoT city, the Fairhair Alliance will explain how it strives towards a unified and suitable set of IEEE specifications to allow all future IP based building automation products to share a common secure IPv6 compliant infrastructure. In this way, building automation products could be integrated in IP networks by mechanisms familiar to the IT administrator.

The various ETS Areas

Smart Home Planner

The new KNX Smart Home Planner bridges end users, installers and manufacturers. For beginners, it facilitates the first step into the KNX world and for professionals, it offers a possibility to plan KNX projects together with their customers – vividly, comprehensibly and individually. Manufacturers draw attention to their products by providing them within the illustrated catalog of the KNX Smart Home Planner.

The Training Area and the Championship

Getting started with KNX has never been easier! Visit the KNX Training Area and get in touch with KNX Training Centres from all over the world and see, how you can start your carrier with the world leading protocol for smart homes and buildings.

Try your luck at the ETS Championship and receive many attractive prices by preregistering here.

The KNX Plaza

Come to where the action is happening! The KNX Plaza will be once again the centre of all activities in the KNX IoT city! Not only entertainment will await you at the KNX Plaza, but also knowledge from more than 190 countries, ready to be shared with you. Do not miss your visit of the KNX Plaza.


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During Light + Building there will be a big offer of presentations, both in the KNX IoT city as all over the fairgrounds. Check the schedules here.

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