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KNX Newsflash

News, updates, events and other surprises – All combined in the monthly KNX Newsflash. Do not miss the most important KNX News, in which the latest KNX news from all over the world will be presented. Get the news, before anybody else does.

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KNX all over the world – The interviews

Where is KNX going to? The answer is given by KNX National Groups. Join the international journey of KNX and learn more about how smart homes are shaping the world in each country.

From private stories, to success stories, from the beginnings till the present – Each country has its own story and each story is more exciting than the other.

In this video, Rafael Marculescu from KNX Romania is giving his insights into a developing market, in which KNX has not only already set foot in, but experiences constant growth. For the complete and more interviews, visit the KNX YouTube Channel

Smart Thoughts for Your Home - The KNX Vodcast

That is the motto of the KNX Vodcast. Each month, Nikita and Christian share their thoughts about KNX, building automation and smart homes. Both with experience in the field from various angles, the vodcast is always a good way to investigate the challenges of home and building automation

See here the latest episode of Smart Thoughts for Your Home.

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