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All aboard the #KNXTrain

KNX Training as key to your success!

The interactive #KNXTrain and its wagons is bound to the world, to promote KNX Training and its advantages. The team on the #KNXTrain, consisting of KNX Association, KNX Training Centres, KNX National Groups and other KNX community members, is looking forward to welcoming you.

Click on each wagon to learn more and how you can benefit…    

What is to be expected and how can you benefit?

  • Broaden your horizon: Training is key to a higher quality of your work. The #KNXTrain will explain you how you can improve your knowledge and skills
  • Benefit from special activities by KNX Association: The #KNXTrain comes with various benefits, such as free ETS Licences, exclusive webinars and access to special events, which will bring you the world of KNX closer.
  • Join the many events all over the world, organised by the KNX community: For the first time, KNX Training Centres, KNX National Groups, KNX Userclubs and other community members join forces in order to deliver first-hand experiences by industry experts.
  • Surprises to come: If you thought that the train is complete, think again! Stay tuned by regularly visiting this page to discover new surprises, which will make your journey on the #KNXTrain unforgettable!

No matter what your level of expertise, whether you are a supplier or installer, there is something for everyone in the rich world of KNX training, plus the opportunity to win some cool prizes.