Agenda and Timings




10:00 – 10:30

Welcoming by KNX Association and by KNX Association’s President, Mr. Franz Kammerl

KNX Logo

10:30 – 12:00

KNX Japan Slot: KNX Japan does the honour to introduce its KNX National Group. This session covers Services with KNX and KNX IoT as well

KNX Japan

12:00 – 13:10

KNX Korea Slot: Founded in 2011, KNX Korea has developed to a strong association. Learn more about the activities of the KNX National Group, which will soon celebrate its 10-year anniversary! This session is accompanied by the presentation of the 2020 KNX Award winners

KNX Korea

13:10 – 14:25

KNX Professionals Sweden Slot: The Swedish KNX Professionals Group is happy to invite you to experience an exciting story about the developments and opportunities in Sweden. Matching with the profile of the KNX Professionals, this session incorporates an ETS Inside presentation incl. a live demonstration, as well as an introduction to the new flagship tool of KNX Association: The ETS6

KNX Sweden

14:25 – 15:30

KNX Czech Republic Slot: With a strong community, KNX Czech Republic has risen to be the strongest association for smart homes and smart buildings in Czech Republic. Join us, when we look back at the great achievements with pride! Furthermore, do not miss the following sessions about becoming a KNXpert, which ETS licence is the right fit and how to boost your KNX Partner Ranking.


15:30 – 16:45

KNX Italy Slot: With greatly combined forces, KNX Italy has created a great contribution for KNXis30 during the whole year. A session, not to be missed. Also not to be missed it the focus on Services with KNX, KNX IoT and Energy Management!

KNX Italy

16:45 – 17:45

KNX France Slot: One of the oldest KNX National Groups is doing us the honour to wish us all a happy birthday. Check out the various members, who took their time to celebrate this day with you. Definitely also not to be missed are the sessions about the new KNX Security Features, The President’s words as well as the premier of the new KNX Mobile App

KNx France

17:45 – 18:15

KNX Luxembourg Slot: A small country but with a huge impact for KNX. Tune in and be surprised about the great achievements of KNX Luxembourg. Do also not miss the presentation How To Become a KNXpert


18:15 – 19:00

KNX Netherlands and KNX Belgium Slot: Two KNX National Groups who could not be any more similar and yet any more different. Experience the great contributions by KNX Netherlands and KNX Belgium as well as a selection of birthday wishes from all over the world



19:00 – 19:35

KNX Spain Slot: Looking back at more than 20 years of existence, KNX Spain is doing us the honour to wish the whole KNX Community a happy birthday! Also, check out the new KNX Mobile app, which will be presented as well during this session

KNX Spain

19:35 – 20:00

KNX UK Slot: With a warm feeling of home, KNX UK concludes the longest and greatest celebration in the 30-year history of KNX. From the beginnings of KNX UK all the way to the great outlook to the future. Do not miss this session, as this is your final chance to experience this anniversary


Description, and languages of each slot:

  • All presentations by KNX Association will be in English
  • Contributions by KNX National Groups are in the according languages (Korea in English and in Korean).
  • Some of the contributions are equipped with subtitles (Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden)
  • Each contribution will take around 10 minutes


  • In between the videos, we will explain to you, how to take your chance to win great prizes
  • Follow-us on social media the whole day and figure out, when to tune in