KNX Award winners
KNX Award winners

Prizes and Rules

The KNX Award honours outstanding KNX projects in home and building control that set the tone worldwide in innovation and technical advancement. Underneath you can find more info about the prizes, application terms and timing.


For the winner, the KNX Award is a magnificent marketing tool. KNX Association and its national groups will also put the Award Projects in the spotlights on all media.

The KNX Award is granted with € 1000 per category. Winners of each category will also receive the desired KNX trophy.


The winners will be chosen by a professionally qualified jury, based on the submitted info and pictures. The jury consists of neutral experts of the KNX world and KNX Association. The jury takes its decision by majority. An explanation cannot be given in case one doesn’t receive the award. The jury will come together in December 2015.After the decision, the five nominees of each category will be notified by e-mail.


The final date for submission of the complete application documents will be 20 November 2015.

The jury will come together in December 2015. Immediately after the decision of the jury, the five nominees of each category will be notified by e-mail.

The KNX Awards 2016 are granted during the „light+building“ fair in Frankfurt on the 15th of March 2016.

Application Terms

Every system integrator, who at the time of the application had completed a working KNX installation and can show functional and fitting use of KNX certified products, can apply to the competition.

The submitted projects had to be completed in the past two years. The participation to the competition and the granting of the prices will happen with the exclusion of legal action. Legal steps aren’t allowed, neither against the preselection, nor against the decision of the jury.

Members of the KNX Association and their employees can’t participate in the competition. The submitted projects may not violate patents of others. KNX Association can’t be held responsible for this.

The participants will declare themselves to be in agreement, that the entered projects can be used for press publications by KNX Association International and the KNX National Groups.