KNX IoT Use Case Demonstrator 

KNX IoT will make KNX installations a part of the internet of things. KNX IoT is state of the art technology and it will also support diverse interactions between KNX and 3rd party equipment driven by relevant use cases from various categories.

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Check and test the future of building automation with KNX IoT and further technologies.

The KNX IoT Use Case Demonstrator shows and explains the advantages of KNX IoT in an exemplary way.

4 different categories are visualized so far and they will be extended step by step to explain advantages and details of KNX IoT from the customers perspective. The demonstrator also gives an overview about upcoming services which can be combined with the high-quality products of all KNX members.

  • Building Automation and Comfort
    • Use all typical elements of a KNX installation. The high-quality KNX Technology as the base installation for light, HVAC, blinds/shutters and typical sensors etc. in combination with nice consumer products (colorful bulbs, speakers, buttons, or even external web services).    
  • Energy Management
    • Find out which energy services will be supported by KNX IoT including e-cars, charging stations, solar panels, batteries, etc. New use cases are demonstrated and explained to optimize energy consumption including taking into account various power tariffs or local weather conditions/forecasts or customers individual power consumption at home
Men with car
  • Security
    • Experience the differences between classical installations and KNX IoT installations related to various alarm sceneries at home and the possible interactions with the neighborhood or even a smart city environment.
Thief secure
  • Entertainment
    • Check some examples for several entertainment use cases, e.g. TV, Music, telecommunication and streaming services. Even innovative voice interfaces will be combined with KNX products for the most comfortable way to control it seamlessly. Find out which typical scenarios are shown by the demo. Many additional entertainment use cases will be added. Stay tuned… 

Core of KNX IoT is the secure connectivity to the internet. This will add and support many new features while all well-known features of KNX classic will be still available. This is guaranteed by KNX. 

Women Core

The IoT connectivity module is symbolized by the “home” icon. 

Icon House

The “car” icon will represent an electric car. 

Icon Car

The “man with the hat” icon stands for a burglar.

Icon Burglar

The “fire” icon obviously for an alarm 

Icon Flame

and the “person” icon represents the resident of the apartment.

Icon Person

Check the differences between the use casesby activating/deactivating the icons, especially the “home” icon and click also the equipment on the playing field and be surprised what happens next.

For a short demo video click also here. (video under development)

This demo will be continuously updated to give you an overview on supported use cases, technical developments or explanations to relevant functionalities or features, e.g. security & privacy, installation, interworking of different systems (KNX and 3rd party equipment) etc.

This KNX IoT Use Case Demonstrator was established in March 2018 during the Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Iot Icons