Samples of KNX products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Currently over 70 manufacturers have registered KNX products with heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications with the KNX Association. You can find a selection of products below.

ABB i-bus KNX Logic Controller ABA/S 1.2.1

ABB i-bus KNX Logic Controller ABA/S 1.2.1zoom

ABB The device convinces with a comprehensive functional library for all building applications. Many functions for HVAC applications are integrated, for instance the PID controller. You can create your own, customised function blocks and save them for use in other projects. In addition, the logic controller makes an impression with a simulation function, making sure that the logic controller performs all commands correctly before commissioning the device. The “Monitor” function allows you to connect to a device via LAN. 



Bosch Gateway KNX 10

Bosch Gateway KNX 10zoom

Bosch Smart home and smart heating become one thanks to the Bosch KNX 10 gateway. Gas and oil heating systems as well as heat pumps from Buderus and Junkers equipped with the corresponding control technology and an Internet gateway may be connected to the KNX bus via the router and the KNX 10 – thus adding a heating control function to the smart home system if desired. The various settings of the heating device and the heat distribution can easily be controlled, visualised or changed. If an error occurs, the heating system forwards the corresponding error report directly to the KNX system. Should the performance of the KNX system be disturbed, the heating system will continue to perform steadily. Contact: and


Cala KNX Room Controller

Cala KNX Room Controllerzoom

Elsner Elektronik GmbH The ambient climate controller Cala KNX has  a touch display and sensors for monitoring of temperature, air humidity and CO 2 . Various sensor combinations permit a very specific application. The device is installed in standard 55 mm switch series. In addition to control functions for temperature and ventilation, Cala KNX offers calculation of mixed values, an energy-saving summer compensation function for cooling, logic gates and multifunctional modules for data transformation. On the screen, the user can set the ambient temperature and read current data. At the same time, it is a touch switch and shows operating elements for lighting, shading and windows depending on the individual configuration. 



Deseo temperature controller

Deseo temperature controllerzoom

basalte bvba Basalte introduces the Deseo temperature controller, a comprehensive HVAC control that directly integrates with KNX home automation. Its elegant design and use of top-quality materials let HVAC control blend in any interior, thanks to the high-quality finishes like aluminium, bronze and glass. The internal temperature sensor and thermostat monitor heating, cooling and ventilation in the room. Its unique, user-friendly interface provides easy controls for setpoint, ventilation and modes. Combined with Basalte’s unique multi-touch functionalities, Deseo becomes the one-stop keypad for HVAC and rapid lighting control in your room. 



Fan Coil Actuator FCA 2 KNX

Fan Coil Actuator FCA 2 KNXzoom

theben ag With the new fan coil actuator FCA 2 KNX, Theben presents a fan coil actuator for efficient heating control. It supports two- and four-pipe systems and is, for instance, optimally suited for use in hotel rooms, office buildings, and apartment complexes. Proportionally controllable control valves and fan (0   –   10 V) ensure precise temperature control. Via the switch outputs, the fan can be controlled in three increments. Two inputs can be used for condensation monitoring and for connecting an external temperature sensor or window contact. The KNX actuator can be used universally for voltages from 100   –   240 V and 50   –   60 Hz. Thanks to the adjustable restart delay, small split units can also be controlled.



Internet-Service-Gateway (ISG)

Internet-Service-Gateway (ISG)zoom

STIEBEL ELTRON GmbH & Co. KG Virtually all Stiebel Eltron heat pumps can be conveniently integrated in a KNX building management system via the Internet-Service-Gateway (ISG). KNX IP capability is installed as a software extension – an approved KNX product – via remote access by customer service. Around 100 operating parameters and appliance data are then available via KNX IP. The current version 2 includes integration of a smart grid interface (SG READY) to allow the heat pump, independently of manufacturer, to be connected to the KNX system. This interface can also be used to optimise consumption of privately generated electricity from the photovoltaic system. 



ise smart connect KNX Vaillant

ise smart connect KNX Vaillantzoom

ise Individuelle Software-Entwicklung GmbH Vaillant heating systems can now be controlled by KNX. From now on, the ise smart connect KNX Vaillant in conjunction with the Vaillant multimatic controller allows the perfect integration into the KNX system. You can control several heating zones, temperature setpoints, domestic hot water and also your ventilation. System information like maintenance mode, error messages, system status or outside temperatures can be shown conveniently via KNX. An overview about your energy yield of your solar system or heat pump can be shown as well as the heat recovery of the ventilation system or the energy consumption for domestic hot water and heating. 



KNX Air quality sensor

KNX Air quality sensorzoom

HUGO MÜLLER The air quality sensor (AQS) GS 41.00 knx offers detection of the air quality (atmospheric pressure compensated CO 2 concentration, temperature, relative humidity), as well as air quality control functions. The sensors are commonly found in office buildings, schools and private homes. Due to wall-mounted housing, ideal sensor positioning is possible. In addition, the two-part device setup guarantees an easy installation. Manual adjustment of setpoint temperature (range: +/- 3°C) is available via an integrated touch panel. Various options and parameters within the ETS application offer adaption to multiple solutions.



KNX Fan Coil Controller

KNX Fan Coil Controller zoom

albrecht jung gmbh & co. kg presents the new KNX guest room temperature controller, specifically for use in hotel rooms. Clear symbols on the display and sensor buttons enable intuitive operation by the guest. The required climate is selected from four different operation modes and also automated. The exclusive “Eco” mode meets the requirements for increased energy efficiency. In addition, the thermostat is persuasive due to its conservative design. The display dims down in sleep mode and the operating LED only lights up extremely discretely so that the guest’s sleep is not disturbed. 




Radiator and underfloor heating, cooling ceilingszoom

ARCUS-EDS The module KNX-LUNOS-Control4 is able to control the decentralised ventilation equipment from Lunos ( via the KNX bus. Supported ventialtion units are e², ego with heat recovery, ventilation units Silvento FK, Ra 15-60 and ACM-Modul as pure exhaust air fan. Up to four ventilation devices are powered by a module. Several modules can be networked together via the KNX bus to allow a coordinated operation. A direct control of the ventilation units can be carried out by the existing switch   /   switch inputs. 



KNX mixing actuator

KNX mixing actuatorzoom

ekinex ® by SBS EK-HH1-TP is a KNX bus device for the control of three floating points or 0   –   10 V servo-motors for mixing valves. The flow temperature of the conveying fluid is configurable at a fixed point, with external climatic compensation and with external climatic compensation plus internal  recalibration. The parameters are configurable separately for heating and cooling. It is particularly suitable for underfloor or ceiling heating as well as cooling radiant panel applications in combination with ekinex ® thermostats provided with a humidity sensor. A 0   –   10 V output allows the remote setting of a heat pump temperature setpoint value. Startup function for radiant floors while concrete is drying according to EN 1264 standard.



KNX room controller with TFT display

KNX room controller with TFT display zoom

Berker The KNX room controller with TFT display and integrated bus coupling unit is an example of Berker’s future philosophy on ergonomics and usability. The MMI (man machine interface), developed for installation at a height of 1.5 m, consists of a capacitive sensor surface combined with a single microswitch for haptic feedback. Swipe gestures allow users to access functions such as room temperature control, switch functions and status messages, which are shown on the colour TFT display. The black design (black when switched off) visually extends the room controller to become a three-dimensional object.         



KNX room temperature controller with CO2 sensor

KNX room temperature controller with CO2 sensorzoom

busch-jaeger elektro gmbh The KNX room temperature controller with CO 2 sensor from Busch-Jaeger measures the carbon dioxide in the air, as well as the air humidity, air pressure and temperature. All four values are shown on the display. Upper and lower limits for CO 2 and air humidity can be configured using the related application. If the carbon dioxide threshold is exceeded, the display changes from white to red. The room temperature controller is supplied with a recessed universal input that has up to five potential-free binary input ports, where if desired one can be used as an analogue input and two can be used to connect a temperature sensor input. 



KNX single room temperature control with MDT glass push button Smart II and MDT heating actuator

KNX single room temperature control with MDT glass push button Smart II  and MDT heating actuatorzoom

MDT technologies GmbH The combination of the new glass push button Smart II and the reliable MDT heating actuator allows you to design and visualise an efficient and modern single room temperature control. The glass push button Smart II with integrated temperature sensor is used to adjust and to visualise the given value and the operation mode of the heating. The MDT heating actuator with integrated PI temperature controller regulates up to eight independent circuits and provides several additional functions. Secondary to its function as operating unit for the temperature controller, the glass push button Smart II can be used with twelve button functions (switching, dimming, shutter operation with displaying symbols and text). 



KNX Valve drive 1B

KNX Valve drive 1Bzoom

Insta Elektro GmbH The KNX valve drive with its integrated room heating   /   cooling controller is suitable for efficient room temperature management. The intelligent valve purge function enables maintenance-free operation. Mounted on common thermostat valve bases (heaters, radiators, convectors, heating circuit manifolds for underfloor heatings, etc.) the valve drive evaluates an automatic setting of the valve lift and displays its position mechanically. Besides an integrated temperature sensor, the valve drive comes with a binary input by which e. g. a window contact can be evaluated potential-free. Optionally, an external temperature sensor or a dew sensor can be connected.           



KNX Ventilation Units with HR

KNX Ventilation Units with HRzoom

Maico Elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH Centralised, highly-efficient ventilation units WS 160, WS 170, WS 320 and WS 470 with EC fans and constant volumetric flow regulation, KNX connection, bypass and cross-counterflow exchanger, air volume 40 – 470 m³   /   h, integrated web server and MAICO app (air@home) for mobile unit control, live reports via web tool, DIBT approval and passive house certificate.



KNX 4.3” Touch Panel

KNX 4.3” Touch Panelzoom

Iddero Iddero Verso is a versatile KNX room controller with 4.3" capacitive touch panel. It is available in white or black glass and can be installed in portrait or landscape mode. The unit features two independent thermostats, a built-in temperature sensor and four multifunction inputs that can be used to connect additional temperature probes. The visualisation supports up to 48 configurable functions, which can be arranged in six control pages. Advanced customisation options, including custom background images, make it possible to adapt the interface to any location or ambience. Other functions include touch gestures, weekly time schedules, alarm monitoring, or an internal scene controller.



realKNX Server

realKNX Serverzoom

Bleu Comm Azur SARL The newest version of realKNX server for controlling the KNX system using augmented reality is now also compatible with Apple’s ® HomeKit ® . This opens a new intuitive dimension of KNX control by phone, watch and voice. Ask Siri questions like: “What is the current temperature in the kids’ room?” and you will get the spoken and written answer: “The temperature is 22.3 degrees Celsius.” In order to lower the setpoint, just say: “Decrease the temperature by 1.5 degrees!” Siri‘s semantic capabilities will make sure that you’re still talking about the kids’ room and will confirm: “The thermostat is set to 20.8 degrees Celsius.” This feature is available in more than 40 languages. The realKNX server is based on the ProServ product database configured in ETS. 



Room controller ecos504/505

Room controller ecos504/505zoom

Fr. Sauter AG The ecos504/505 is a BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) for energy-efficient integration of all systems. Its digital communication features (BACnet   /   KNX   /   DALI   /   SMI   /   EnOcean) seamlessly combines automatic lighting and sun protection control into room climate control. The KNX   /   TP-1 interface allows KNX touch panels, KNX actuators and sensors to be interlinked directly at the programmable BACnet   /   IP room controller. KNX devices with ETS are parameterised by the supported “KNX tunnelling” without additional KNX bus couplers. Used as a BACnet   /   IP-KNX gateway, the room controller integrates KNX networks into the building and energy management system.    



Synco IC

Synco IC zoom

Siemens AG Synco IC is a cloud-based system working on a mobile, tablets or PC and providing a complete plant overview from anywhere, anytime. Remote access greatly reduces site travel and enhances energy-efficient operation. Connecting a building is easy and takes just a few minutes. The system configuration as well as fault diagnosis and intervention can be done remotely; and multiple sites can be controlled centrally. At one glance, the most important information about the plant is visible and allows users to quickly correct the settings with a click of the mouse. 





PULSAR ENGINEERING SRL ThinKnx Brickbox is a KNX gateway that enables a bidirectional connection to KNX plants of systems that do not natively support this protocol. It is possible to send commands to systems like HVAC, systems based on other buses such as Modbus, security panels, audio sources etc. In case of Mitsubishi HVAC integration, KNX groups can be associated to all its functionalities, as setpoint temperatures and also feedbacks can be received on KNX. In this way you can easily control air conditioning directly from wall buttons or other KNX devices. Brickbox is also able to collect data coming from any source and to send it as tables or charts via email to multiple recipients. It can check plant integrity by means of testing functions and can send alerts. 



Universal KNX AC Gateway

Universal KNX AC Gatewayzoom

Intesis The IntesisBox universal AC gateway IS-IR-KNX-1i is compatible with more than 40 different air conditioning brands and stands out as the only one in the market that offers control and monitoring of the system (bidirectional). The device is installed next to the air conditioner and sends commands using infrared codes. Thanks to a built-in infrared receiver, it can also capture the changes made by the user through its own AC IR remote controller and show them in KNX. The IS-IR-KNX-1i is powered from the KNX bus, has a built-in room temperature sensor and two binary inputs for additional functions. The ETS plug-in allows to choose different DPTs in order to completely fit with your KNX project. 




VALLOX MV KNX Bus Modulezoom

Vallox GmbH The VALLOX MV KNX bus module is used for the monitoring, control and scanning of device data on the KNX bus level. The digitally controllable MyVallox devices enable integration into the building services management system (MyVallox Home) depending on requirements or operation via the Internet with mobile terminal devices (MyVallox Cloud). Through integration into a KNX smart home concept, the MV ventilation devices can be triggered by KNX via the VALLOX MV bus module. 



VAV controller and actuators

VAV controller and actuatorszoom

BELIMO Automation AG The VAV-Compact is a cost-optimised unit comprising differential pressure sensor, controller and actuator and has been setting standards in volumetric flow control in rooms and zones since 1990. The VAV-Compact KNX can be directly linked to KNX TP networks and convinces with a comprehensive range of communication objects. This allows the control and operation of the air conditioning according to the actual demand. In addition, a sensor (0   –   10 V) or a switching contact can be connected. The KNX product range includes VAV controllers, actuators for air dampers and actuators for control valves (2-/3- and 6-way).



VFACE – Ultimate VRF Interface

VFACE – Ultimate VRF Interfacezoom

ASTRUM VFace is an easy configurable VRV   /   VRF gateway for KNX projects, supports most of the existing brands and provides end users with full control of all indoor units via KNX or web interface. Easy integratation of VRF without any other equipment directly to KNX and simple configuration of all settings via the web interface. It can also be used remotely by web interface to control and monitor indoor units or to create timing scenes for indoor units. Moreover, VFace has a 7" touchscreen option that can be used as a central remote controller.                               



Vitogate 200

Vitogate 200zoom

Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG Vitogate 200 makes data exchange between Vitotronic heating control units and home automation systems possible with the KNX protocol. The home automation system thus provides homeowners with the option of keeping up-to-date on the current status of their heating system and inputting settings, such as target values for room temperatures. As the current heat demand in the occupied spaces can be reported to the heating control unit via the gateway, it is possible to adjust the heat generated exactly to this demand. Utilising Vitogate 200 therefore saves energy.



Vitrum Clima Control

Vitrum Clima Controlzoom

Vitrum Vitrum Clima Control is the panel control that allows the whole spectrum of temperature management: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning in home environments (HVAC). Through its alphanumeric display, it allows you to view the detected temperature or set the desired setpoint. You can configure with a simple touch not only the temperature, but also the fan speed of the air distribution in each room. Vitrum Clima Control is equipped with a proximity sensor to ensure optimum energy efficiency and its RGB LED touch buttons can be configured by ETS.   



KNX Modbus Gateway 886

KNX Modbus Gateway 886 zoom

Weinzierl Engineering GmbH Modbus is still widely used in the field of heating and ventilation in building control. The KNX Modbus Gateway 886 allows an easy integration of non-KNX devices which support the Modbus RTU protocol on RS-485. The gateway can act as a Modbus master as well as a slave. Modbus data is mapped to KNX communication objects and vice-versa to KNX data point types. The assignment between KNX objects and Modbus registers can be configured via parameters in ETS ® software. The device is for rail mounting with a width of only one unit (18 mm). The KNX part is powered from the bus, the Modbus part requires an external power supply of 12   –   24   V   DC. Three dual-coloured LED on the front of the device visualise the connection and operation state.   



Wolf KNX interface kit

Wolf KNX interface kit zoom

Wolf GmbH The Wolf KNX interface kit (consisting of eBus   /   Ethernet-interface module and Ethernet   /   KNX interface module) makes it possible to integrate Wolf system components into the KNX building automation system. In this way, all gas and oil condensing boilers with BlueStream ® (CGB-2, CGS-2, CGW-2, CSZ-2, MGK-2, TOB), plus the BWL-1S split air source heat pump, can be integrated. It is also possible to integrate additional components such as the MM mixer module, the KM cascade module, the SM1   /   SM2 solar collectors and the mechanical air handling unit from the CWL Excellent series.